What ever happened to Julian Newman?

How old is Julian Newman now?

21 years (September 6, 2001)
Julian Newman / Age

Is Julian Newman in the 2022 draft?

BREAKING: Julian Newman Backed Out From The 2022 NBA Draft😳 #nbadraft #highschool #viral #explore #juliannewman.

Who is Julian Newman sister?

Jaden Newman
Julian Newman / Sister

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Where does the Newman family live?

The Newman family resides in a beautiful house in Orlando, Florida.

What does Julian Newman’s dad do for a living?

His father, Jamie Newman, played basketball as a point guard for Colonial High School in Orlando. In 2012, he became a history teacher and head basketball coach at Downey Christian School.

Is Prodigy Prep a real school?

Prodigy Preparatory School For Boys is a private school focused on improving educational outcomes for male students. Prodigy Prep offers a multifaceted, technology-integrated curriculum grounded in Science, Mathematics, Language Arts, Creative and Performing Arts, and Sports.

Where does Julian Newman go to college?

Downey Christian School
Julian Newman / Education

Where is Julian Newman from?

Orlando, FL
Julian Newman / Place of birth

What team does Julian Newman play for?

He scored over 3,500 career points by the time he was a junior. He had gained national popularity before he even reached high school. Now, the social media influencer and basketball star has revealed his next chapter. Newman has signed to play with Team Challenge ALS in TBT 2022.

How tall is Julian Newman Really?

5′ 7″
Julian Newman / Height

When was Julian Newman born?

September 6, 2001 (age 21 years)
Julian Newman / Date of birth