What Everleighs dads name?

YouTube star Everleigh Rose’s father, Tommy Smith, has died. He was 29. Nine-year-old Everleigh’s mother Savannah LaBrant, 29, shared the news on Instagram Thursday.

What is Cole and Savannah’s last name?

Popular YouTubers Savannah and Cole LaBrant have more than 13 million subscribers and are accustomed to sharing precious moments of their family life for their followers to see. Their latest videos are all about baby number four.

Who is Everleigh’s parents?

YouTuber Savannah LaBrant’s ex Tommy Smith passed away on September 9, 2022. Smith was the biological father of Savannah’s daughter Everleigh, who is currently 10 years old. Although Savannah is now married to Cody LaBrant, the mother has been open about co-parenting Everleigh with Smith.

What is Sunday LaBrant’s middle name?

Before they revealed their daughter’s name, they shared that they liked this name as soon as they got pregnant, with only one other contender, but after a month, they decided on their final choice: Sunday Savannah LaBrant.

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What is baby Labrants name?

Savannah LaBrant/Children

How old is Posie?

3 years (2018)
Posie Rayne LaBrant / Age

What is Posie LaBrant’s middle name?

Posie Rayne LaBrant was born in California, the U.S. Her parents, Savannah and Cole LaBrant run the successful YouTube Channel The LaBrant Fam. LaBrant has an older half-sister named Eveleigh, a younger sister named Sunday, and a younger brother named Zealand.

Who is Savannah LaBrant’s ex?

TikTok Star Everleigh Rose’s Dad & Savannah LaBrant’s Ex Tommy Smith ‘Unexpectedly’ Dead At 29.

How old are the Labrants?

29 years (March 2, 1993)
Savannah LaBrant / Age

How many kids does Savannah and Cole have?

Their wedding video from four years ago has nearly 50 million views itself. Cole and Savannah have three children and a fourth on the way. They’ve shared multiple milestones in their kids’ lives, such as their daughter’s 2nd surprise birthday party, gymnastics recitals, and the arrival of a new tooth.

What do Cole and Sav do for a living?

She became a professional photographer and established her website, Little Red Rose Photography. In 2016, Sav met a Vine star, Cole LaBrant, a member of a group called Dem White Boyz. The two started dating and later on settled down together. She created her first YouTube account with Cole and named it Cole and Sav.

What happened to Cole and savannahs son?

“He stopped breathing for awhile and went lifeless while I performed CPR on him until the paramedics showed up,” he explained in a lengthy caption on Instagram accompanied by a photo of Savannah holding a diaper-wearing Zealand in a hospital bed with wires attached to his back.