What happened between Vince and Tamar?

Braxton and Herbert were married for nine years. Their son, Logan Vincent Herbert, was born in 2013. Braxton filed for divorce in 2017 and the two now share custody.

Is Vincent Herbert married now?

Tamar Braxton
Vincent Herbert / Spouse (m. 2008–2019)

Tamar Estine Braxton is an American singer and television personality.
Braxton began her career in 1990 as a founding member of The Braxtons, an R&B singing group formed with her sisters. The Braxtons released their debut album, So Many Ways, as a trio in 1996, and disbanded shortly afterward.


Who did Vincent Herbert have a baby with?

Personal life. Herbert married singer Tamar Braxton, in 2008. The couple’s son Logan Vincent Herbert was born in 2013. In October 2017, Braxton filed for divorce from Herbert, citing “irreconcilable differences” and is seeking joint custody of their son.

Who is Tamar Braxton married to?

Tamar Braxton/Spouse

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Why did Vince and Tamar divorce?

I filed for divorce because we worked together, he’s my baby father, we’re together each and every day, we’re attached at the hip, and it just got to be too much. We just couldn’t figure out how to figure it out.”

What does Tamar boyfriend do?

In the photo’s caption, Braxton wrote: “Put it on him make ’em wanna marry me.” According to Madame Noire, JR was raised in New Orleans and works as an attorney and businessman in Georgia. He is a co-founding partner of The JR Law Group and the CEO of a company called Rags 2 Riches Logistics.

How much is Tamar & Vince worth?

Net Worth: $3 million

In addition to appearing on the reality show, “Braxton Family Values,” Tamar and her then-husband, Vincent Herbert, got their own reality show “Tamar & Vince,” which aired on WeTV.

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Who is Tamar Braxton’s man?

Tamar Braxton is hinting to fans that there’s been a change in her relationship with recent boyfriend, Atlanta-based lawyer Jeremy Robinson.

What can we learn about Tamar?