What happened to Aretha Franklin?

“She had cancer and never complained. She would just hold her side.” Aretha died from a pancreatic tumor on Aug.

How old was Aretha Franklin when she died?

76 years (1942–2018)
Aretha Franklin / Age at death

How much money did Aretha Franklin leave when she died?

Don’t income tax obligations die with you? Usually not, especially not when there is a solvent estate with assets ample enough to pay off the government. The Franklin estate was estimated to be worth approximately $80 million with ongoing earnings from music, licensing, and royalties.

How did Aretha died?

The “official cause of death was due to advanced pancreatic cancer of the neuroendocrine type, which was confirmed by Franklin’s oncologist, Dr. Philip Phillips of Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit,” the family statement said. Tributes and tears flooded in Thursday after news of her death broke.

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Who is considered the queen of soul?

On April 22, 23, and 24, the Houston Symphony pays tribute to Aretha Franklin, celebrated and known world-wide as the Queen of Soul.

What was Aretha Franklin’s last words?

And they said her eyes opened, and she said, ‘Bernadette. ‘ And that was the last word she ever said, they said,” Fakir recalled. “That was her favorite song by the Tops, by the way, ‘Bernadette. ‘ So, to have been on her lips, the last word she said.

Is Aretha a true story?

Yes. The true story behind the Respect movie confirms that Aretha Franklin’s parents, Barbara and C. L. Franklin, separated in 1948, mainly due to C. L.’s perpetual infidelities, in addition to C. L. fathering a daughter to a 12-year-old girl.

How much was Aretha Franklin worth before she died?

It’s been almost three years since Aretha Franklin died from pancreatic cancer at age 76. Her fortune was estimated to be worth nearly $80 million.

How much is Michael Jackson worth?

In 2021, the Tax Court issued a ruling in favor of the estate, ruling that the estate’s total combined value of the estate was $111.5 million and that the value of Jackson’s name and likeness was $4 million (not the $61 million estimated by the IRS’s outside expert witness).

How much did Aretha Franklin’s casket cost?

Franklin was laid to rest in a solid bronze, 24 karat, gold-plated Promethean coffin, which cost $40,000.

Who did Aretha Franklin give her money to?

At the time, it was widely believed she didn’t have a will. As a result, Michigan law stipulated her assets would be divided equally among her four adult sons, and they agreed to designate their cousin—Franklin’s niece, Sabrina Owens—as the estate’s executor.

How much does Aretha Franklin owe the IRS?

Before any of them could access that money, however, the estate had to resolve Franklin’s longstanding debt to the Internal Revenue Service. In July, the estate announced that it had finally paid off the delinquent balance of $7.8 million. Franklin was the latest celebrity whose heirs were left to battle the IRS.