What happened to DeForest Kelley?

DeForest Kelley died at age 79 of stomach cancer in his home in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles on June 11, 1999.

What movies was DeForest Kelley in?

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What Western did DeForest Kelley play in?

Westerns quickly became Kelley’s stock-in-trade, with appearances in “Gunfight at O.K. Corral” (1957) and “Warlock” (1959) being among his more notable.

How old is McCoy in TNG?

McCoy had attained the rank of admiral in the Trek timeline when this episode was aired, and he is stated to be 137 years of age.

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How much older is Uhura than Kirk?

So if Uhura is a cadet on Enterprise serving a 5th year field assignment, then working backwards from 2258 at the earliest she entered the Academy at age 19 in 2253, making her a year younger than Kirk (at this point making her around 24).

What is Spock’s full name?

According to this poster, Spock’s full name is S’Chn T’Gai Spock. Per Cinema Blend, this name was lifted from a 1985 Star Trek novel called Ishmael, written by Barbara Hambly.

What were Spock’s dying words?

LLAP’ – Leonard Nimoy. The beloved Star Trek actor delivered this final thought to the Twittersphere a few days before his death in 2015. ‘LLAP’ is shorthand for ‘Live long and prosper‘, the classic catchphrase of Nimoy’s TV alter-ego, Spock.

What is Uhura’s first name?

Nyota Uhura (/niˈoʊtə ʊˈhʊrə/) is a fictional character in the Star Trek franchise. In the original television series, the character was portrayed by Nichelle Nichols, who reprised the role for the first six Star Trek feature films.

Who is spocks child?

Zar, son of Spock and Zarabeth who was born on Sarpeidon 5,000 years in its past due to Spock’s time travel and became a powerful leader on the planet.

Is Spock LGBT?

Star Trek’s original series did not have any explicitly LGBT characters, although in 2005 George Takei, who portrayed helmsman Lt. Hikaru Sulu, came out as gay. In October 2011, Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock in the rebooted feature film franchise, publicly came out as gay.

Who does Spock mate with?

In 2267, when Spock began suffering from pon farr, he returned to Vulcan to mate with T’Pring.

Does Spock have a half sister?

In Star Trek: Discovery, it is revealed that Spock has a human, adopted sister, Michael Burnham.