What happened to Eliana from Dance Moms?

Ellie replaced Savannah Kristich after she left the ALDC and Dance Moms in Season 8. In 2020, she joined Piper Rockelle’s YouTube group called The Squad. In 2020, she was cast as the character, Claire, on Brat TV’s show “Chicken Girls”.

How old is elliana Walmsley net worth?

She is known for appearing in Lifetime’s reality show, Dance Moms. Walmsley originally appeared on Dance Moms in Season 6 as a member of the ALDC Mini Team.

Elliana Walmsley Personal Information.

Name Elliana Kathryn Walmsley
Date Of Birth (Age) June 23, 2007, 15 years old
Net Worth $400k
TikTok Followers 5.3 million

What does Yolanda Walmsley do?

She has been teaching since 1994. Yolanda is currently working on her Masters in Literacy at the University of Colorado in Boulder with an endorsement in English as a Second Language.

How old is Abby Lee Miller?

57 years (September 21, 1965)
Abby Lee Miller / Age

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What episode does Yolanda choke Stacey?

“Dance Moms” All Choked Up (TV Episode 2017) – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb.

What is Stacey from dance moms job?


How old is christilukasiak0?

Christi Lukasiak
g Christi Lukasiak
Born: March 3, 1977
Age: 45
Home: Churchill, Pennslyvania
Occupation: Reality TV Star Influencer Stay-At-Home Mom

Who is elliana Walmsley mom?

Yolanda Walmsley
Elliana Walmsley / Mother

Who is elliana Walmsley brother?

She has two older brothers, Jakob and Luke.

How old is Mackenzie Ziegler?

18 years (June 4, 2004)
Mackenzie Ziegler / Age

How old is Maddie?

20 years (September 30, 2002)
Maddie Ziegler / Age

Who is Luke Walmsley?

Luke Walmsley, 14, was stabbed through the heart by fellow pupil Alan Pennell, who was also 14, at Birkbeck College in North Somercotes in November 2003. Pennell, now 23, was detained for life for murder and ordered to serve at least 12 years in 2004.