What happened to Eminem’s daughter Hailey?

Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade Mathers is all grown up and has made her dream of becoming a social media “influencer” come true. The college graduate often shares stunning photos on her Instagram and boasts a whopping 2.3 million followers on the platform.

How old is Hailey Eminem’s daughter?

26 years (December 25, 1995)
Hailie Jade / Age

Does Eminem have custody of his daughters?

The 26-year-old rap star and estranged wife Kimberly Scott Mathers have agreed to joint legal custody of their daughter Hailie, with Mathers to have physical custody.

Who is the biological daughter of Eminem?

Eminem has two other daughters

Hailie is the rapper’s only biological daughter, but he has two adopted children too. The rapper adopted Kim’s daughter Whitney, 20, who now goes by the name Stevie and is non-binary, when they were a child.

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Who did Eminem have kids with?


Did Eminem adopt his niece?

Alaina is Eminem’s adopted daughter and biological niece. She is the biological daughter of Dawn Scott, the late twin sister of Eminem’s ex-wife, Kimberly Scott. In a 2004 profile for Rolling Stone, the 49-year-old rapper opened up about caring for his niece as his own.

How many biological daughters does Eminem have?

Hailie Jade Scott

She’s also Eminem’s only biological daughter and was born on Christmas Day in 1995. She’s 25 now.

Who is Alaina Mathers real father?

Alaina Marie Mathers / Father

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, known professionally as Eminem, is an American rapper and record producer. He is credited with popularizing hip hop in middle America and is critically acclaimed as one of the greatest rappers of all time.


Who did Eminem adopt his daughter from?

Alaina is Eminem’s niece but he legally adopted her in the 2000s and raised her as his own with his ex-wife Kim Scott. Alaina’s biological mom was Kim’s twin sister Dawn Scott who was struggled with heroin addiction and later died in 2016 from a suspected drug overdose.

Which of Eminem’s daughters is Nonbinary?

The Stan rapper, 48, adopted Stevie, who is his ex-wife Kim Scott’s biological child with Eric Hartter, in 2005 when he had briefly reconciled with Scott.

What does Hailie Mathers do for a living?

Hailie Jade Mathers was born on 25 December 1995. She is an actress, known for Limp Bizkit: Break Stuff (2000) and Luc Turgeon’s Channel (2015).

What did Kelly say about Hailie?

Just one year after his rant about Kendall, MGK tweeted about then 16-year-old Hailie Jade Mathers, calling her hot in a since-deleted tweet that was reported by Buzzfeed. “I have to say, she is hot as f—, in the most respectful way possible [because] Em is king,” the tweet read.