What happened to Eugene Walking Dead?

In the aftermath, Eugene confesses his love for Rosita and is at her bedside as she dies. A year later, Eugene continues to reside in the Commonwealth which is now led by Ezekiel. During this time, Eugene has married Max and they have had a daughter named Rosie together.

Is Eugene from Walking Dead autistic?

It’s been public knowlage for a few years now that Eugene was on the autism/asbergers spectrum, but I think his treatment on the show has been terrible. A complete weirdo, only used for comic relief that isn’t funny, and a broken character arc that has made him unbelivably unsympathetic to the viewer.

Is Eugene a villain?

Eugene is the fourth main character to be part of Rick’s Group and later become an antagonist, the first being Shane Walsh, the second being Merle Dixon and the third being Spencer Monroe.

What is Eugene’s Secret in The Walking Dead?

When Josh McDermitt’s character first joined The Walking Dead, Eugene had concocted a false backstory about being a scientist working toward a cure, effectively tricking Abraham and Rosita into protecting him.

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How does Eugene betray Rick?

However, in the end, Eugene pulled off the ultimate betrayal by rigging the Saviors’ guns that were supposed to take out Rick and the others, so they would backfire and kill his men instead.

Is there a cure for the Zombies in Walking Dead?

‘The Walking Dead’ creator explains why there’ll never be a cure for the zombie apocalypse in the show. The co-creator of The Walking Dead has clarified why a cure for the zombie apocalypse will never be introduced into the show’s plot.

How long can walkers live?

It is never addressed directly in the show/comics, there are only speculations. The estimated time is between 5–10 years from the moment of their turn until they decompose so much they can’t even do their regular stuff – walking and feeding.

Is there an immune person in The Walking Dead?

Lydia is the very first character in the series’ universe shown to be totally immune to the zombie plague; based on experimental observations by the Darkwater Militia, she is not infected by bites and, if she were to die, she would not reanimate.

Do zombies poop Walking Dead?

A zombie’s digestive tract is completely dormant. The complex system that processes food, extracts nutrition, and excretes waste does not factor into a zombie’s physiology.

What episode does Eugene tell the truth?

In the March 6 episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) finally learns the truth about his girlfriend Stephanie (Chelle Ramos), or Stephony as fans have dubbed her online.

Does Eugene know what caused the outbreak?

Attempting to stop Glenn from leaving the convoy, Abraham reveals that Eugene knows what caused the outbreak and is escorting him to Washington, D.C., but does not give any additional information about the mission.

Why did Eugene betray?

Because he wanted to hurt them. Negan and the Saviors went to hurt Alexandria so the ammunition was set up to backfire on them instead of Rick and the rest of Eugene’s friends.