What happened to Gabe not BAE?

Gabriel Salazar — better known as the TikTok influencer @gabenotbabe — died Sunday of injuries sustained during a car crash in Zavala County, Texas. He was 19. Three other people also died in the crash, a Texas Highway Patrol spokesperson told Insider.Sep 30, 2564 BE

What was the cause of Gabe death?

TikTok star Gabriel Salazar died in a car crash along with three other men following a police chase in Zavala County, Texas. Known as @gabenotbabe on TikTok and Instagram, the teen had more than three million followers between the two social media platforms.Oct 1, 2564 BE

Is Gabenotbabe still alive?

Salazar, who made his name on TikTok under the handle “gabenotbabe” and boasted a following of more than 800,000 on Instagram, was pronounced dead at the scene, officials said.Oct 1, 2564 BE

How old was Gabe before death?

Authorities tell PEOPLE that Salazar was driving a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro when he crashed killing himself and three others. TikTok star Gabriel Salazar has died. He was 19.Sep 30, 2564 BE

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How long did Gabe the dog live?

Shuck said Gabe was surrounded by his favorite toys and medals when he died. He was 10 years old. “He went into shock and they gave him transfusions of plasma that night, but he never recovered,” Shuck said.Feb 22, 2556 BE

Who killed Gabe Life is strange?

Once there, she sits down at the counter where Jed reveals that he found out about her arrest. She then tells him about Typhon’s scheme and that Typhon is responsible for Gabe’s murder.

How old was Gabe in Season 1?

As a 14-year-old, Gabe doesn’t really envy Toby as much. He is dating Lauren Dabney, Mrs. Dabney’s granddaughter. It’s possible he will marry Lauren in the future.

How old is Gabe from Gabe and Garrett?

Gabriel is 13, and Garrett is 10. Their Instagram page is managed by their parents.

How old is Gabe in?

Nationality. Gabriel E. De la Torre (born: October 26, 1995 (1995-10-26) [age 27]) better known online as GabStache or Gabe, is a former YouTube gamer and vlogger. He mostly uploads gaming videos.

Was Dodge Gabe the whole time?

At the end of the second season, she is finally killed by Tyler Locke with the newly created Alpha Key. Dodge’s destruction finally released the real Lucas who had been trapped inside of his own body by the demon. Dodge had also adopted the persona of Gabe.

Was there a way to keep Gabe alive?

So in conclusion, while we wish we could save Gabe as well, the unfortunate answer is that no matter what you do in the game, you won’t be able to save him. Gabe was meant to die as part of Life Is Strange: True Color’s story.Sep 9, 2564 BE

Why Dodge can turn into Gabe?

Gabe is evil because he’s in fact the demon Dodge who owns the Identity key that allows him to switch characters. Dodge goes by as Gabe, Lucas, and Echo, turning from female to male and vice versa in order to collect all the keys and accomplish their malevolent purposes.Oct 23, 2564 BE