What happened to Janelle from 16 and pregnant?

Aside from caring for her growing kids, Jenelle is now the host of her own podcast, aptly titled “The Jenelle Evans Podcast.” Sometimes, she includes David in conversations.

Is Janelle still with David?

Nobody gets into a marriage expecting it to end but I know that’s what is best for me, and for my kids.” News of the pair’s split came after Eason admitted to killing their family dog and Evans temporarily lost custody of both Kaiser and Ensley.

How old is Janelle Evans?

30 years (December 19, 1991)
Jenelle Evans / Age

What is Jenelle Evans mom saying about her?

Barbara Evans
Jenelle Evans / Mother

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What has Barbara said about Jenelle?

Jenelle and Barbara Have Had a Difficult Relationship

In January 2021, Barbara claimed to TMZ that she had “full custody” over Jace. However, Jenelle quickly denied that in a TikTok video she shared that month. “Now she’s trying to make me look like a dumbass,” the mother of three said in the clip at the time.

What did Barbra say about Jenelle?

She’s a f***ing mess.” Barbara allegedly continued: “Even Jenelle, she spent so much money buying cars, boats, everything for her boyfriends. What are you f******g nuts?” At the time, Barbara was talking to Teen Mom star Kayla Sessler who happened to be live on Instagram at the time to her 614,000 followers.

Does Barbara have custody of Gabriel?

As of 2017, Barbara has been granted permanent custody of Jace, making it legally impossible for Jenelle to regain custody at any point in time. She also has custody of her daughter Ashley’s son, Gabe.

Does Nathan have custody of Kaiser?

The former couple shares custody of Kaiser, but Jenelle does have primary physical custody. Evans took to Twitter to share that her six-year-old went on a summer holiday, writing, “Kaiser went to spend the summer with his dad for the first time. This feels weird!”

Is Barbara still with Mike?

RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned when Barbara ended things with her longtime fine Mike, she decided to play a little game of revenge. “The reason I broke up with him is because he cheated on me three times,” Barbara told Radar. “I thought he was one in a million.

Where does Barbara Evans from Teen Mom live?

After living in Massachusetts, Barbara retired and is now living in Oak Island, North Carolina.

Where is Barbara Evans from?

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Who is Jenelle Evans husband?

Jenelle Evans/Husband