What happened to Johnnie Taylor?

Taylor died of a heart attack at Charlton Methodist Hospital in Dallas, Texas, on May 31, 2000, aged 66. Stax billed Johnnie Taylor as “The Philosopher of Soul”. He was also known as “the Blues Wailer”.

What was the cause of Johnnie Taylor’s death?

DALLAS (AP) _ Johnnie Taylor, whose 1976 “Disco Lady″ was a hit on the dance floor and in the pop charts, has died of an apparent heart attack. He was 62.

How old is Johnnie Taylor?

66 years (1934–2000)
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How many biological children did Johnnie Taylor have?

Making matters more complicated, Taylor’s case is particularly confusing due to the large number of heirs (Taylor had nine biological children), intrafamily disagreements, and lack of a formal executor of the estate.

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Where is Johnnie Taylor buried?

His final album was released in 1999 called Gotta Get the Groove Back. Johnnie Taylor died on May 31, 2000 in Duncanville, Texas after suffering a heart attack. He is buried at Forest Hill Cemetery in Kansas City, Missouri.

Who got Johnny Taylor’s estate?

Johnnie Taylor, R&B musician, dies at 66 leaving behind a million-dollar estate. His six children expect to split his estate, until three strangers claim they’re Taylor’s children as well.

Did Johnny Taylor have any children?

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Are James Taylor’s twins adopted?

The two became parents of twins when an unnamed surrogate mother gave birth last week. The boys, who are the couple’s biological children, are being called Taylor Twin No. 1 and Taylor Twin No.

Who is Johnny Taylor daughter?

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What happened to Johnny Taylor son Floyd Taylor?

Floyd Taylor, the son of the legendary Johnny Taylor and a noted blues singer in his own right, has died of a heart attack at age 60.

How old is Floyd Taylor?

60 years (1954–2014)
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What happened to the Taylor brothers?

Alex Taylor, oldest brother of singer-songwriter James Taylor, died Friday after having a heart attack while working on his third album. Mr. Taylor, 47, had been stricken Sunday while working at King Snake Records studio.