What happened to Justin Pierre Edmund?

Justin Pierre Edmund appeared in four more movies and on a 2000 episode of “Law & Order” before retiring from acting just four years after he made his feature film debut in “The Preacher’s Wife.” In 2011, he graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a bachelor’s degree in communication design.

Who played Hakeem in the preacher’s wife?

The Preacher’s Wife (1996) – Darvel Davis Jr. as Hakim – IMDb.

Who played Whitney Houstons son in the preachers wife?

She found Courtney B. Vance’s acting humorless, and was highly critical of Whitney Houston’s acting. “[Houston] sleepwalks through scenes as the dignified mother, doing little more than tucking her 6-year-old son (Justin Pierre Edmund) in.

What city was the preacher’s wife filmed in?

In addition to the Chelsea Pier television and film production studios in Manhattan, other chief locales for “The Preacher’s Wife” include Yonkers, Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, N.J., and Portland, Me.

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What church was the preacher’s wife filmed?

Biggs’ church, St. Matthew’s, was the Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church in the Nodine Hill District of Yonkers, New York. The interiors were filmed at the Trinity United Methodist Church in Newark.

Did Bobbi Kristina Brown get married?

The two were engaged in 2012, though they never legally married. Bobbi Kristina was found unresponsive in the bathtub of her Atlanta home in 2015; she spent nearly six months in a coma before her death at age 22 at a hospice care facility.

Is The Preacher’s Wife a remake of The Bishop’s Wife?

The film is a remake of the 1947 “The Bishop’s Wife,” which starred Cary Grant as the angel and David Niven and Loretta Young as the church couple.

Is Whitney Houston related to Diane Warwick?

A first cousin to the late pop superstar Whitney Houston, Warwick’s mother and Houston’s mother, Cissy, were sisters. German-born actress-singer Marlene Dietrich took Warwick under her wing when Warwick performed in Paris for the first time.

How old was Whitney Houston when she died?

48 years (1963–2012)
Whitney Houston / Age at death

Did Whitney Houston have perfect pitch?

9. Whitney Houston. Whitney Houston is a legendary singer who is known for her powerful voice and perfect pitch. Her ability to sing high notes with such ease is truly impressive.

Did Whitney Houston ever meet Elvis Presley?

Whitney Houston’s mother sang with Elvis Presley — so the two idols met face-to-face in 1969.

Did Whitney wear dentures?

Houston also wore dentures, the coroner’s report indicated. This is relatively common among long-term drug abusers. Habitual use of drugs such as crack cocaine, which contains acidic chemicals, will lead to the wearing down of the tooth’s pulpy tissue over time.