What happened to King Francis II son?

On November 16 he suffered a syncope. After only 17 months on the throne, Francis II died on December 5, 1560 in Orléans, Loiret, from an ear infection at the age of just 16.

What happens to Francis and Lola’s baby?

John Philip is the illegitimate son born to his father, King Francis, and his mother, Lady Lola. He has been given lands and titles, including Baron of Vallie. He lost his father to a gang of Scottish assassins and his mother was decapitated not long after, making him an orphan. He is now being raised at French court.

Did King Francis have a child with Mary?

Francis was married to Mary, Queen of Scots who had been sent to France for her own protection. The marriage did not last long as Francis suffered from poor health and he died in December of 1560. They had no children.

Did King Francis have a child?

Francis I of France/Children

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How many children did Francis II have?

Francis II died childless, so his younger brother Charles, then ten years old, succeeded him. On 21 December, the council named Catherine de Médici Regent of France.

How many kids does Francis have in Reign?

King Francis
King Francis II ♔
Children: John Philip
Interests: Natalia Tianná (Ex-Mistress) Olivia D’Amencourt (Ex-Mistress) Lady Amelie (One-Night Stand) Lola Narcisse † (Co-Parent)

Why did Francis have a child with Lola?

Mary had been in a relationship with Francis and was married to him, Lola slept with him. Francis is only in love with Mary. He only slept with Lola because he had a broken heart because of Mary’s decision to end their engagement. Lola gave birth to Francis’s son, Jean-Philippe.

Who does King Francis end up with?

Catherine informs Francis and Mary which causes Mary to choose Francis over Bash as her love for him is stronger and it always been him. The two eventually wed and started to try to have a child.

How old was Francis when he married Mary?

Mary wedded Francis, Dauphin of France on 24 April 1558. Francis II (age 15) with his wife Mary, Queen of Scots (age 17) in 1559. Mary became Queen of Scots when she was less than a week old, on the death of her father, James in December 1542.

Who got Kenna pregnant in Reign?

She is a former mistress of the late King Henry, and the estranged wife of Sebastian. She left court quietly give birth to her child by General Renaude.

Do Bash and Kenna have a kid?

Her romance with him is fairly short as he betrays the Royal Family and nearly kills Bash. She is later revealed to be having Bash’s baby and it restores her marriage with Bash.

Who does Greer end up with?

Aloysius Castleroy: Lord Castleroy is Greer’s husband. She agreed to marry him in order to save her reputation, but has grown to love him.