What happened to Leo Mazzone?

Currently, Mazzone works as a color commentator for Fox.

How old is Leo Mazzone?

74 years (October 16, 1948)
Leo Mazzone / Age

Is Leo Mazzoni in the Hall of Fame?

ATLANTA — As Joe Torre and Leo Mazzone prepared to be inducted into the Braves Hall of Fame on Saturday night, they spent some time with Brian Snitker, a man they both mentored more than 40 years before he became a World Series-winning manager.

How old is Tom Glavine?

56 years (March 25, 1966)
Tom Glavine / Age

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How old is John Smoltz?

55 years (May 15, 1967)
John Smoltz / Age

Who is the best pitcher in Braves history?

Career Top 10 Leaders
1. Warren Spahn 356
2. Kid Nichols 330
3. Phil Niekro 268
4. Tom Glavine 244
5. John Smoltz 210

Who is the best SS in baseball all time?

Cal Ripken Jr.

He was an All-Star every season from 1983 through 2001 and won two MVPs in 1983 and 1991. Among shortstops, Ripken ranks first in games and plate appearances, second in doubles, third in HRs and RBI, and fourth in runs.

Who was the most intimidating pitcher ever?

Early Wynn

Wynn was one of the most intimidating pitchers of the 1950s. Mickey Mantle once said of him, “That s.o.b. is so mean he would (expletive) knock you down in the dugout.” The 300-game winner was once quoted as saying he would throw at his own grandmother. “I’d have to,” he said.

Who is statistically the best pitcher ever?

1. Walter Johnson
5,914 417 117.1

Who is the oldest person on the Braves?

Chipper Jones: Why the Atlanta Braves’ Oldest Player Is Also Their Most Vital. In baseball years, Chipper Jones is ready for his walker. 19 years past his MLB debut, Braves fans cringe with each slide or dive Chipper performs—collectively hoping he gets up without hobbling or holding his knee.

Who is the youngest person on the Braves?

Ronald Acuña Jr.
April 25, 2018, for the Atlanta Braves
MLB statistics (through 2022 season)
Batting average .277
Home runs 120

Who is the oldest Braves baseball player?

While Franco was an All-Star and posted above-average hitting statistics throughout his career, he is best known for being the oldest regular position player in MLB history.

Julio Franco
MLB: September 17, 2007, for the Atlanta Braves
MLB statistics
Batting average .298
Hits 2,586