What happened to Liam Reardon?

Liam Reardon’s got his own place in Essex amid his break up from ex girlfriend Millie Court. The former flames met on Love Island last year and went on to be crowned as 2021’s winners. Following the show, Wales-born Liam relocated to Essex to be with Millie where the pair moved into £1 million property.

Did Millie and Liam get back together?

Love Island 2021 winners Millie Court and Liam Reardon have confirmed they have broken up after one year together. Millie Court and Liam Reardon, who won Love Island 2021, have announced they have split after one year of dating.

What did Millie do at Asos?

I have achieved a 2:1 in Fashion Buying and Brand Management at Ravensbourne University and I now currently work as an Established Buyers Administrator at ASOS.

Where is Millie from Love Island now?

Before Love Island, Millie worked as a fashion buyer’s administrator for Asos. Her love for fashion has continued with multiple brand deals with big clothing companies. Millie has continued to work with Asos, regularly advertising products on Instagram as well as having her own range Asos x Millie.

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Is Faye Winters still with Teddy?

Faye now lives in Devon with boyfriend Teddy, who divides his time between their country home and London.

Are Millie and Justin still friends?

Millie. Despite splitting from Mark, Millie has remained close with many fellow Islanders, supporting Amelia in the launch of her book, and keeping in touch with Justin, who she originally Coupled Up with on the show.

Are Liam and Milly still together?

“Liam is the one person I saw every day who understood the life-changing experiences we were both going through. “We can’t just cut things off, and we’ll still support each other in all that we do.” She added that she plans to put her romantic life on hold for now as she concentrates on herself and her career.

Is Millie and Liam still together 2022?

They won the show last year, but sadly, Millie Court and Liam Reardon are no longer together. The couple lasted a year after appearing on the show, but announced their split in July 2022.

Are Millie and Noah still together?

The costars are just friends and purely platonic! In fact, Millie is currently dating someone else, Jake Bongiovi, and Noah is their self-proclaimed third wheel, even attending a Harry Styles concert together with them in June 2022 and shared the experience on Instagram.

Are Shelby and Millie still together?

Shelby and Millie

A past accident left her with long-term damage to her leg, and despite Shelby being keen to support her, a relationship was too much for Millie to handle on top of hospital visits and surgery. The pair are still friends, though, and don’t regret their time on the show.

Are Kaz and Lauren still together?

Speaking about why they decided to call things off, Lauren said, “We just didn’t match. Like, at all. Some of the conversations we were having, I was like I don’t want that. “We just kind of called it quits and we’re sound.

Are Ryan and Tayla still together?

Ryan & Tayla

No I’m definitely not with him,” she said. “I wish him all the best but yeah, he is just not my kind of guy.