What happened to Mia’s mom in Go Live Your Way?

Mariana Cáceres is a minor character mentioned in Go! Live Your Way. She was Mía Cáceres’s mother and passed away before the start of the show due to an illness.

Are Mia and Alvaro related in go?

Lupe Achával

Lupe and Mia find out that they’re related and now become step-sisters.

How does Ramiro find out Mia is his daughter?

Mía Cáceres

Mía is Ramiro’s biological daughter. Ramiro never knew he had a second daughter until a DNA test came out posMercedesMercedes is Ramiro’s ex-wife. They loved each other, but when Miá came to Saint Mary, their relationship faltered. Ramiro lied to Mercedes to help Miá.

Who is lupes boyfriend in Go live your way?

This makes him a target for folks like Lupe’s boyfriend, Juanma Portelosi (Santiago Saez).

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Does Mia end up with Juanma?

They later form a duo and are asked by the music producer to create an album but Mía declines the offer leading to their break-up. Note they were never dating.

How old is Mia on go?

Mia is a 10 year old girl who lives and works at the Calivista Motel. Every day, Mia manages the front desk of the motel while her parents clean the rooms.

How tall is Mia from go?

Mia Yim
Ring name(s) Jade Mia Yim Reckoning Michin
Billed height 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Billed weight 132 lb (60 kg)
Billed from San Diego, California Fontana, California

Did MIA change her name?

Mia Yim has had her name changed. On WWE.com, Mia Yim’s name is now listed as Michin, based on a nickname she revealed on Raw last week.

What country is go live your way from?

Live Your Way (Spanish: Go! Vive a tu manera) is an Argentinian musical and romance series created by Sebastián Mellino.

What is Mia’s real name from go?

Plot. Mia Caceres (Pilar Pascual) is a talented singer/dancer, who wants to pursue her dreams of being a musician.

Who is Juanma from go?

Juan Manuel “Juanma” Portolesi is a main character in Go! Live Your Way. He is on the basketball team and is constantly arguing with Alvaro because they both want to be captain of the team. As well as the fact that they both have the same crush;Mia.

Who is Alvaro from go?

Álvaro Paz is the son to Mercedes and Javier Paz and stepson to Ramiro Achával, sister to Lupe Achával and stepsister and ex girlfriend to Mia Cáceres. Álvaro is a teenage boy who attends a high school, Saint Mary. He plays basketball and in a performing arts club called Go!