What happened to Sharif Atkins on ER?

Atkins continued to make guest appearances in both the 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 seasons of ER, with his character returning on leave from duty in Iraq as a U.S. Army physician. His character was killed in Iraq at the end of the 2005-06 season.

Is Sharif Atkins Married?

Bethany Lynn Hotchkiss
Sharif Atkins / Spouse (m. 2014)

Who is Captain Gamble in Queen of the South?

“Queen of the South” Fantasmas (TV Episode 2021) – Sharif Atkins as Captain Eli Gamble – IMDb.

How tall is Sharif Atkins?

1.85 m
Sharif Atkins / Height

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How old is Sharif Atkins?

47 years (January 29, 1975)
Sharif Atkins / Age

Where did Omar Sharif grow up?

Omar Sharif was born in Alexandria, Egypt, on April 10, 1932. He moved to Cairo when he was four years old.

Is Tarek Sharif related to Omar Sharif?

Sharif is the son of a Jewish Canadian mother, Debbie, and an Egyptian father, Tarek Sharif. His paternal grandparents were Omar Sharif and Faten Hamama, both Egyptian actors; his maternal grandparents were Jewish Holocaust survivors.

Is Omar Sharif still living?

Omar Sharif / Date of death

Where was Dr Zhivago filmed?

The film was shot over ten months, with the entire Moscow set being built from scratch outside Madrid. Most of the scenes covering Zhivago’s and Lara’s service in World War I were filmed in Soria, as was the Varykino estate. The “ice-palace” at Varykino was filmed in Soria as well, a house filled with frozen beeswax.

Was Strelnikov a real person?

Pavel Antipov was a son of a railway worker. He marred Lara and moved to the Urals. He joined the army as a volunteer during the World War One and fought in the German lines. Wounded in the battle Pavel Antipov was presumed dead but later returns, using the pseudonym Strelnikov with a total personality change.

Who is the father of Lara’s daughter in Dr Zhivago?

In Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago, Lara has two daughters. Her first daughter, Katenka, was fathered by her husband Pasha Antipov. Her second daughter, Tonya, is an illegitimate child fathered by Doctor Yuri Zhivago.

What happened to Lara’s daughter Katya in Dr Zhivago?

Lara’s daughter, named Katya, in the novel Dr. Zhivago written by Boris Pasternak, was left in Yuryatin, her birthplace in the Urals by her mother.