What happened to Suzanne sevakis third child?

After the murder, Floyd and Sevakis got married in New Orleans under their aliases and, while they were there, Sevakis gave birth to a daughter, who Floyd forced Sevakis to give up for adoption.

Who is Megan Dufresne biological father?

Megan’s biological father remains publicly unknown, although it’s alleged that it’s Floyd. In honour of Suzanne and, Megan’s brother Michael – who was murdered by Floyd – Megan named one of her sons after Michael.

Where are Suzanne sevakis siblings now?

Suzanne was the child of Clifford Sevakis. The two sisters were then found in a local church and raised by Sandra with her new husband in Virginia. Both Allison and Amy Sevakis are now in their fifties and are said to live in Virginia.

What happened to Suzanne sevakis son?

After Sevakis’ death, her 2-year-old son Michael was put into foster care once it was revealed that Floyd was not his father. In 1994, when Michael was 6 years old, Floyd kidnapped him from school by holding the principal hostage.

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What happened to Tonya Hughes?

In 1990, Oklahoma City police began searching for the driver of a car that hit and killed 22-year-old Hughes. She was found on the side of a highway service road by a bystander. Although she was rushed to a nearby hospital, she later died from her injuries.

Is Megan’s dad Floyd?

Megan Dufresne biological father

Floyd is on death row at the Union Correctional Institution in Florida, but the 79-year-old has not received a sentencing. He was convicted in 2002 of killing Cheryl Commesso, who worked alongside Suzanne at a gentleman’s club.

Where is Franklin Delano Floyd now?

Franklin Delano Floyd is still alive. He is 79 years old and being held at the Union Correctional Institution. In 2002 he was convicted for the kidnapping Michael Hughes and the murder of Cheryl Commesso and given the death sentence. He is currently on death row and doesn’t have an execution date set.

What happened to Sharon Marshall’s first child?

Popular Now. The documentary culminates in Marshall’s murder at the hands of Floyd (along with the revelation that Floyd had killed Marshall’s 2-year-old son).

What happened to Phillip Brandenburg?

Though Philip was assumed missing, he was eventually adopted by Mary and Bob Patterson at a little more than one month old, though his true identity was never uncovered until 40+ years later. Suzanne, on the other hand, was kept in Floyd’s care.

What happened to Philip Brandenburg?

Phillip Brandenburg is Sandra’s son and Suzanne’s half brother. He disappeared after he was kidnapped by Floyd, but it was later discovered that he was adopted by a couple named Mary and Bob Patterson when he was just six weeks old, according to Forensic Magazine. He now goes by the name Steve Patterson.

How many kids did Suzanne sevakis have?

Sadly, she had left behind three children.

What happened Suzanne’s first child?

As described in the Netflix documentary Girl in the Picture, Suzanne Sevakis’s young son Michael met a tragic early end. He disappeared following his kidnapping, and after decades of denial, Franklin Floyd told investigators that he killed Michael on the same day he kidnapped the boy in 2015.