What happened to the biggest house in America Versailles?

Jackie tells TMZ the hurricane destroyed her 90,000-square-foot Versailles mansion, which has infamously been under construction in the Orlando area since 2004. She’s expecting even more setbacks now, as Jackie says the storm did north of $10 million worth of damage.

Is the Versailles house in Florida done?

Versailles broke ground officially in 2004, but Siegel started planning for it long before she bought the land in 2000. It’s been over two decades of planning and undoing of the same plans, and the gigantic construction is still far from complete.

How big is the house of Versailles?

When complete, the 90,000 square-foot home includes five kitchens, a 35-car garage, 150-person dining room, ballroom and a British-style pub.

Where is the Queen of Versailles mansion?

Jackie and her husband, timeshare mogul David Siegel, began building their estate on the shore of Lake Butler, Fla., in 2004.

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Who lives in Palace of Versailles now?

21st century

The Palace of Versailles is currently owned by the French state.

Who owns Versailles mansion?

Versailles is an 90,000-square-foot (8,400 m2) house belonging to Westgate Resorts founder David Siegel and his wife Jackie. It is under construction at 6121 Kirkstone Lane, Windermere, Florida, in the gated community of Lake Butler Sound in Orange County, Florida, United States.

How much is Versailles worth today?

Palace of Versailles, France is valued at $50.7 billion. Land is $5,000 per square meter in Versailles, so the land alone is $40.7 billion. The building itself and contents are likely to worth another $10 billion, so the Palace of Versailles could in all likelihood be valued at $50.7 billion.

How much did house of Versailles cost?

Due to a lack of data, and historical currency conversion being arcane at the best of times, calculating the cost is tricky. In 1994, American TV company PBS concluded that the French palace could have cost anywhere between $2-300 billion in today’s money.

How much would it cost in today’s money to build Versailles?

If the Palace of Versailles were built today, it would cost roughly two billion US dollars. The sheer scale of the grounds comes with a hefty price tag, with over 700 rooms, 60 staircases and 1200 fireplaces.

Does the Palace of Versailles still exist?

Today the Palace contains 2,300 rooms spread over 63,154 m2. In 1789, the French Revolution forced Louis XVI to leave Versailles for Paris.

Is The Queen of Versailles House completed?

Though “Queen of Versailles Reigns Again” will depict progress on overall construction on the house, Windermere’s Versailles still isn’t finished, as Siegel is currently working on flooring.

Did the House of Versailles sell?

The Siegels were forced to put Versailles up for sale, but it never found a buyer.