What happened to the first baby in the girl in the picture?

After the murder, Floyd and Sevakis got married in New Orleans under their aliases and, while they were there, Sevakis gave birth to a daughter, who Floyd forced Sevakis to give up for adoption.

How many kids did Girl in the Picture have?

Tonya had one child, her son Michael Hughes, who was put in foster care after her death, the documentary explains. (Michael is not related to Floyd, BTW.) But Floyd eventually turned up at Michael’s elementary school in 1994 with a gun, abducted him, and shot him, the FBI says.

What happened to Philip Brandenburg?

Phillip Brandenburg is Sandra’s son and Suzanne’s half brother. He disappeared after he was kidnapped by Floyd, but it was later discovered that he was adopted by a couple named Mary and Bob Patterson when he was just six weeks old, according to Forensic Magazine. He now goes by the name Steve Patterson.

What is the story of the girl in the picture?

It’s based on the books A Beautiful Child and Finding Sharon by Matt Birkbeck, who also serves as executive producer. The story is centered around a young girl known as Sharon Marshall, who was abducted by a federal fugitive Franklin Delano Floyd and then raised as his daughter.

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What happened to the other Sevakis sisters?

The two sisters were then found in a local church and raised by Sandra with her new husband in Virginia. Both Allison and Amy Sevakis are now in their fifties and are said to live in Virginia.

Who is the killer in Girl in the Picture?

After her death, Floyd abducts Suzanne’s son Michael Hughes from his elementary school and later murders him. In the process of being arrested for Michael’s kidnapping, police discovered that Hughes was involved in the 1989 murder of 18-year-old Cheryl Commesso, a colleague and friend of Suzanne.

Who was Michael’s father in the girl in the picture?

In Netflix’s documentary, Girl in the Picture, the father of Michael Anthony Hughes was revealed to not be his kidnapper, Franklin Delano Floyd.

How disturbing is Girl in the Picture?

To outsiders it looks just like any ordinary family picture of a father sitting with his daughter on his lap. But with context, the picture and the child’s expression sets the tone for a disturbing web of decades-long abuse, sexual violence and ultimately, murder.

Is the girl in the picture true?

The latest of Netflix’s true crime stories, The Girl in the Picture, has proven to be another huge hit with viewers. Since its release in July, the true story has become one of the most talked about releases on Netflix.

What happened to Suzanne Sevakis other child?

Then there’s Megan Dufrense, Sevakis’ daughter. The young woman, who is now in her 30s, was born in New Orleans in 1989. She given up for adoption by Clarence and Tonya Hughes, the new alias Floyd have given himself and his “daughter” when he wanted to marry her.

Who fathered the Girl in the Picture children?

According to Screen Rant, the father of Michael Hughes has been speculated to be either Gregory Higgs or Kevin Brown, two men she had been dating around the time of the pregnancy. As for Megan’s father, his identity remains unknown, though Reddit users have speculated that it may be Floyd.

Who fathered Suzanne sevakis kids?

Suzanne was pregnant three times in her life, according to the Independent, and the world now knows about two of her children: Michael Anthony Hughes and Megan Dufresne.