What happened to the rock group Bread?

When all their equipment and instruments were stolen prior to a scheduled concert at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City in May 1973, Bread decided to disband. Gates and Griffin returned to their solo careers with mixed results. The Best of Bread compilation album from March 1973 was a huge success, peaking at No.

Who are the singers in Bread?


Is Bread still a group?

Bread virtually invented soft rock in the early Seventies, and the group’s biggest hits — “Make It With You,” “If,” “Baby I’m-a Want You” and “Everything I Own” — remain staples on lite-rock radio. For all the mellowness of Bread’s music, however, the band dissolved acrimoniously, and the bad feelings last to this day.

Who is the lead singer for Bread?

David Gates
Bread / Lead singer

David Ashworth Gates is a retired American singer-songwriter, guitarist, musician and producer, frontman and co-lead singer of the group Bread, which reached the top of the musical charts in Europe and North America on several occasions in the 1970s. The band was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame.


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Why is Bread called Bread?

Some say that “bread” itself comes from an older root having to do with brewing, in reference to the rising action of the yeast, but it’s more likely to have come from a root having to do with breaking things into little pieces.

How did Bread get their name?

By 1967 he was producing a psych-pop group called the Pleasure Faire. Faire member Robb Royer suggested to Gates that they form their own group, along with mutual friend and L.A. scene vet Jimmy Griffin, and after being inspired by a bread truck passing by, the group Bread was born.

What happened to the lead singer of Meat Loaf?

The US singer and actor Meat Loaf has died aged 74, his agent has confirmed. Born Marvin Lee Aday and later legally known as Michael, the musician died on Thursday with his wife, Deborah Gillespie, by his side.

Who were the original members of the band Bread?

In 1969, Griffin joined Robb Royer, Jim Gordon and David Gates to form Bread, with Michael Botts and Larry Knechtel soon rounding out the lineup. The following year, the group’s debut single, “Make It With You,” went No.

How old is David Gates of Bread?

82 years (December 11, 1940)
David Gates / Age

What song is Bread known for?

‘It Don’t Matter To Me’ was originally included on Bread’s 1969 debut. In the wake of Bread’s commercial breakthrough with 1970’s ‘Make It With You’, the song was re-recorded in a more streamlined version.

What does Bread mean in rap?

What do rappers mean by “Bread”? The term and slang “Bread” is a noun which is used to reference money.

What does Bread mean in TikTok?

Money” is the most common definition for BREAD on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. BREAD. Definition: Money.