What happened with Batsheva Haart and Ben Weinstein?

Batsheva — who announced her split from Weinstein in November 2021 after nine years of marriage — said that her whole family has been there for her during the rough time. The influencer is the eldest child of Julia Haart and her ex-husband, Yosef Hendler.

Who is Ben Weinstein?

Ben Weinstein has been in the antiquarian book trade for over fifty years. Ben is the owner of Heritage Book Shop in California and has been a longtime member of the ABAA.

What does Batsheva Weinstein do for a living?

Batsheva Weinstein is a New York based accessories designer, urban fashion lifestyle blogger and passionate traveler. She has a diverse background that includes culinary school and hairstyling and is currently a junior at The Fashion Institute of Technology.

Does Batsheva wear a wig?

Fashion is one of the biggest ways Batsheva challenges her Orthodox Jewish upbringing. While living in the community, she was expected not to wear pants or any revealing clothing and to cover her hair with a wig. Since leaving, she’s been eager to experiment with her style.

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Why did Batsheva get divorced?

The twosome, who wed in 2012 shortly after they graduated high school, argued over the boundaries of their new life in New York City as they distanced themselves from their religion. They also struggled with when to start a family as Batsheva wasn’t ready and Weinstein was eager to have kids.

Why do Hasidic females shave head?

While some women chose merely to cover their hair with a cloth or sheitel, or wig, the most zealous shave their heads beneath to ensure that their hair is never seen by others.

Is Batsheva still married to Ben?

Find out how the My Unorthodox Life star’s love life has been so far. Batsheva Haart is single and ready to mingle! More than seven months after ending her nine-year marriage to Ben Weinstein, the My Unorthodox Life star has jumped back into the dating scene.

Is Batsheva still religious?

However, in My Unorthodox Life, Batsheva admitted that she was hesitant to follow her mother’s lead into the modern world without the support of her community because of the unknown. Batsheva and her husband are still dedicated to their religion but enjoy the comforts of the modern world.

Is Batsheva still orthodox?

Batsheva Haart, a social media personality who formerly practiced Orthodox Judaism, says she is still religious, but in a modern way.

When did Batsheva start wearing pants?

During these earlier years living in the “outside world,” Batsheva experimented with shorter dresses and skirts, sleeveless tops and at 27 years old wore her first pair of pants.

What does the name Batsheva mean?

Batsheva is a feminine name of Hebrew origin, meaning “daughter of the oath.” This biblical name is a variation of the Hebrew Bathsheba of the same meaning. It is derived from the Hebrew words bat meaning “daughter,” and sheva, which translates to “seven,” representing God’s day of rest.

How old is Ben from My Unorthodox Life?

‘My Unorthodox Life’ stars Batsheva Haart and Ben Weinstein break up. Batsheva Haart and Ben Weinstein of Netflix’s “My Unorthodox Life” have reportedly broken up after nine years of marriage. According to E! News, Haart, 28, has left Weinstein, also 28, and will soon file for divorce.