What happened with Turtleman?

I got hit by a tree limb about as big as my leg,” the TV personality explained. “It fell about 50 feet, I was cutting a tree, the tree fell perfect. Then all of a sudden, bam! A limb hit me across the neck and shoulders.”

What year did The Turtleman die?

On the show, Ernie was joined by his friend, Neal James. James died in 2019 after suffering from cardiac issues at his home.

How old is Turtleman now?

The reality star took to Facebook and spoke to his loyal followers while appearing bloody in a hospital bed. The 56-year-old was filmed by his wife, Suzanne Brown, as she informed viewers, “Turtleman is in the hospital again,” after the star “called her screaming.”

Did Call of the Wildman died?

After Brown lost his license, the show went off the air, but Brown and James continued to post animal rescue videos to YouTube and Facebook. James died on February 1, 2019, at age 55 from natural causes.

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How did Call of the Wildman died?

Neal James has passed away at the age of 55. The outdoorsman, who was known as The Banjo Man on Animal Planet’s Call of the Wildman, had been battling cardiac issues according to the coroner’s office.

Where does The Turtleman live?

Turtleman, whose hometown is Lebanon — pop. 5,587 — is star of Animal Planet’s “Call of the Wildman” series, and still lives in a two-room cabin in the boonies with no running water and an outhouse.

Is Banjo man still alive?

Carey added that James died of natural causes, but that he had been battling heart issues. James was known as “The Banjo Man” on the reality TV series, which ran from 2011 to 2014. In a statement to The Wrap, Animal Planet reacted to the news.

Is squirrel from turtleman still alive?

David “Squirrel” Brady, friend to Turtleman Ernie Brown Jr., and local celebrity, has passed away, according to the Marion County Coroner and Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

What kind of accident was turtleman in today?

recovering after tree limb accident. LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – Kentucky woodsman and star of Animal Planet’s “Call of the Wildman” TV program, Ernie “Turtleman” Brown, Jr., is recovering in the hospital after a tree limb accident on Tuesday.

Why did The Turtleman show end?

An investigation effectively canceled the show

Citing multiple examples of alleged animal mismanagement, Mother Jones suggests the production team was complicit in illegally drugging animals “in violation of federal rules,” as well as failing to properly document “wildlife activities” for Kentucky officials.

How much is Turtleman worth?

Turtle Man net worth: Turtle Man is a television personality and animal advocate who has a net worth of $1 million dollars. Born in Washington County, Kentucky, Turtle Man, also known as Ernie Brown, Jr., is the subject of the Animal Planet series, “Call of the Wildman”.

Who is Turtleman’s wife?

Suzanne Brown (@suzanne. brown.