What happens in the 365 Days book 3?

In Book 3 (“Kolejne 365 dni”), Laura and Massimo drift apart following the loss of their second child together. Both begin abusing substances in the process. Laura moves on with Nacho after realizing that Massimo has murdered her dog and tried to frame Nacho for the horrific crime.

Will there be another 365 Days Part 4?

As mentioned above, 365 Days 4 has yet to be confirmed by Netflix so there isn’t an official release date. The second and third movies were filmed back-to-back which is why they were released fairly close to each other (April 2022 and August 2022).

How does 365 Days book 3 end?

The book ends with Laura choosing to be with Nacho, but that is after Massimo holds her against her will, drugs her and tries to get her pregnant. It’s not really a surprise she escaped with Nacho in that scenario. The epilogue shows they have a daughter together, while Massimo has given up and agreed to a divorce.

Did Laura choose Massimo or Nacho?

However, it’s very heavily implied that Laura has chosen to stay with her husband instead of running away with Nacho. The Next 365 Days is available to stream on Netflix. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our guide to the best series on Netflix and best movies on Netflix, or visit our TV Guide.

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Did Laura cheat on Massimo in the next 365 days?

After meeting Nacho, Laura cheats on Massimo with him. Nacho admits his love for her and his willingness to wait for her. Additionally, he informs her that Anna attempted to shoot Massimo once more; as a result, he killed Anna and protected Massimo since Laura loves him.

Does Laura end up with Massimo in book 3?

In the books, Massimo is an absolute villain and much worse than the character in the films. Laura eventually ends up divorcing him. It’s revealed that Laura ended up with Nacho after escaping another abusive situation that ends up with Massimo drugging her and trying to get her pregnant.

Does Laura fall for Nacho?

Laura and Nacho fall for each other and a jealous Massimo kills Prada as an angry warning of sorts, but he later denies doing so.

Who did Laura choose in the book?

In the end, Laura runs away with Nacho and becomes pregnant with his child. With disturbing twist after twist, Kolejne 365 dni subverts the notion that 365 Dni series is a love story at all (because it’s not).

Who does Laura end up with in 365 Days: This Day?

Most of the movie is spent with Laura trying to decide between Massimo and Nacho. But The Next 365 Days leaves the ending ambiguous. Laura returns to Massimo and they share a moment on the beach.

Do Massimo and Nacho kiss?

Laura fantacize threesome in which Massimo and Nacho starts kissing. This kissing scene is very passionate, and presents a different angle of the Massimo who have become sex symbol in world after ‘365 days’ movie. This part of the film depicts the changing relationship between Massimo, Laura and Nacho.

Who is Massimo’s twin brother?

The arrival of Massimo’s long-lost twin brother, Adriano, in “365 Days: This Day” creates problems for Laura and Massimo. Born 10 minutes after Massimo, Adriano — who is also played by Morrone — feels as though the mafia empire was robbed from him, as he is not the heir.

Who did Massimo cheat with?

The first of these big shocks is the revelation that Michele Morrone’s Massimo, despite being madly in love with Laura, seemingly cheats on her with his ex Anna at a party early on in 365 Days: This Day.