What has Ruby O fee?

Ruby O. Fee was born on February 7, 1996 in San Jose, Costa Rica. She is an actress, known for The Invisibles (2017), Polar (2019) and Als wir träumten (2015).

Who plays the hacker in army of thieves?

More Stories By Matt. EXCLUSIVE: Ruby O. Fee, who recently found a breakout role in Matthias Schweighöfer’s Army of Thieves, has signed with Paradigm for representation. Fee is a German actress who plays master hacker Korina Dominguez in Netflix’s blockbuster prequel to Army of the Dead, produced by Zack Snyder.

Did Dieter survive?

So, at the end of Army of the Dead, Dieter saves Vanderohe, closes the safe, and that’s the last we see of him. Unlike many of the characters, we don’t actually see Dieter die. That’s always fun when that happens because it usually means there’s a chance that the character isn’t actually dead, of course.

Why did Dieter lock van in the vault?

Turns out, by shutting him in the vault, Dieter (Matthias Schweighöfer) saves his life. Vanderohe’s protected from the nuke strike and emerges from the vault with whatever cash he can carry.

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Did Sebastian crack the Götterdämmerung?

Hence, Sebastian’s finding the Gotterdammerung safe was not a mere coincidence but a beauty of Snyder Verse. It was Sebastian’s life-long wish to crack the Gotterdammerung safe, and when he did, he finally fulfilled the promise he made to Gwendoline.

Why didn’t Vanderohe become a zombie?

Because Dieter pushed Vanderohe into the Götterdämmerung, Vanderohe survived – but was also replaced with another version of himself from a different time. This could explain why Vanderohe never gets bit by a zombie in the whole movie but ends up with a bite in the epilogue.

What happens to Ludwig Dieter in army of dead?

Zeus killed him outright (though Snyder spoke unfavorably about this option). Zeus bit Dieter, converting him into an alpha or even a king zombie.

Is Gwendoline in Army of the Dead?

Where is Gwen in Army of the Dead? Although Gwen tells Dieter that she will find him when she leaves prison, Gwen does not appear in Army of the Dead. It appears that, despite Army of Thieves telling us that the final scene takes place “sometime later”, not enough time has passed for Gwen to be freed or escape prison.

Was the zombie queen pregnant?

There’s a reason why Zeus (aka the zombie who escaped from Area 51) is so mad: The film reveals that the queen is pregnant (!) with his baby, and after Scott’s crew takes her head, Zeus has his minions bring the body back to zombie headquarters at the Olympus hotel.

Who bit Vanderohe?

Vanderohe is never shown being bitten, and in fact it appears as though his fight with Zeus does not leave room for Zeus to have bitten him. His arm where the bite would later appear can also be seen unbitten after all zombies but Zeus have gone, leaving no real chance for him to take the bite.

Who was the first zombie in Army of the Dead?

Before the outbreak

Not much is known about the life Richards led as a human, however he was a soldier involved with work at Area 51 in some capacity. He volunteered to participate in Torrance’s experiment with an alien sickness, which would unexpectedly lead to him becoming the first zombie.

Why did some of the zombies have blue eyes?

The simplest explanation is the blue-eyed zombies in Army of the Dead aren’t zombies at all. They are actually robots that are living in the zombie kingdom of Las Vegas.