What high school does Quandale Dingle go to?

Quandale Dingle | New Egypt HS, New Egypt, NJ | MaxPreps.

What is Quandale Dingle height?

NA 7-2 459
R/R 9 and 6 mos 8 and 2 mos
BATS/THROWS AGE Age at 2021 Draft

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Who is behind Quandale Dingle?

Who is number 25 on the Pennsauken Indians?

Amir Miller

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Is Quandale Dingle a football player?

According to Knowyourmeme, Quandale Dingle is a high school football player for a New Jersey team called the Pennsauken Indians. He was identified after someone on TikTok found a video recording of his team on YouTube and saw the name “Dingle” on the back of his jersey.

What year did Pennsauken High school open?

Constructed at a planned cost of $3.5 million (equivalent to $33.8 million in 2021) the school opened in September 1959 with students in ninth and tenth grades.

When was Pennsauken High built?

September 1959
Pennsauken High School / Founded

How many students attend Pennsauken High School?

Pennsauken High School is a public school located in PENNSAUKEN, NJ. It has 1,397 students in grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 14 to 1.

What time does Pennsauken Intermediate school start?

School Hours: 8:50 a.m. to 3:20 p.m.

What does intermediate mean in school?

Definition of intermediate school

1 : junior high school. 2 : a school usually comprising grades four to six.

What is Pennsauken zip code?

Pennsauken Township/Zip codes

What zip code is 08109?