What is Alicia Bridges doing now?

Bridges is currently active in the music community as a producer and DJ.

How old is Alicia Bridges?

69 years (July 15, 1953)
Alicia Bridges / Age

Who are Alicia Bridges parents?

Alicia Bridges was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and grew up in Lawndale. At 10 she learned to play guitar after her father, Myles Bridges, taught her some chords.

How much is Phoebe bridges worth?

The musician has a reported net worth of $1-5million. Bridgers’ sophomore album, Punisher, earned her widespread acclaim and was the reason for her four Grammy nominations, including Best New Artist.

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How many biological children does Alicia Keys have?

Keys and Beatz have welcomed two children together: their son Egypt Daoud, 11, in 2010 and son Genesis Ali Dean, 7, in 2014. Keys is also a stepmother to Swizz’s three other children from his previous marriage: sons Prince Nasir, 21, Kasseem Jr., 15, and daughter Nicole, 13.

Does Alicia Keys have a high IQ?

Alicia Keys IQ

Alicia Keys has a high IQ of 154, making her one of Hollywood’s most renowned geniuses. At the age of 16, she graduated with honors from a professional performing arts school and was accepted to the world’s top Columbia university.

What kind of car does Alicia Keys Drive?

The 41-year-old Grammy Award-winning singer is a Mercedes-Benz brand ambassador, which means she does get to enjoy quite a lot of their models. In a previous music video, she had one of its concept cars, the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow.

Who is Swizz Beatz first wife?

Mashonda appeared on several songs from American hip hop artists in the 2000s. In 2004, she married American record producer Swizz Beatz, and was once signed to his label Full Surface, under the aegis of J Records. Mashonda released her debut studio album January Joy in 2005.

Who is Alicia Keys biological mother?

Alicia Augello Cook was born on January 25, 1981, in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan, a borough of New York City. She is the only child of Teresa Augello, who was a paralegal and part-time actress, and one of three children of Craig Cook, who was a flight attendant.

Is Alicia Machado Cuban?

Venezuelan-born Alicia Machado is the daughter of a Cuban father and Spanish mother who immigrated to Venezuela during the middle of the 1900s. Her father, a relative of former Cuban dictator Gerardo Machado, fled Cuba and found refuge in Venezuela after the fall of the Machado regime.

Who is the father of Alicia Keys Baby?

Alicia Keys and her husband, Swizz Beatz, are one talented pair who are raising a couple of very talented boys. The musicians are sharing their creative spirit with their sons, and it already shows. But despite being incredibly busy parents, Alicia and Swizz do everything they possibly can for their kids.

Does Alicia Keys have a relationship with her father?

Alicia Keys’ relationship with her father

The father and daughter eventually repaired their relationship when Keys was an adult. In a 2012 interview with the Daily Mail, Keys revealed why she chose to forgive her father for his absence throughout her childhood. “My father and I are fine now,” she explained.