What is Anthony Gatto doing now?

He has performed in the Cirque du Soleil shows Kooza (2007-2009) and La Nouba (2010-2012). Anthony has quit juggling and now runs a concrete resurfacing business, which he started in August 2012.

How old is Anthony Gatto?

49 years (14 April 1973)
Anthony Gatto / Age

Who is the greatest juggler ever?

Anthony Gatto – holds various number juggling world records, considered by many to be the world’s greatest juggler.

Who is the best female juggler?

Known as the world’s fastest woman juggler, she assisted her brother before launching a three-decade solo career.

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What country invented juggling?

A History of Juggling

Juggling has a long and colorful history that goes back to almost 2000 B.C. Most historians think that juggling began in Egypt. Also, evidence of ancient forms of juggling can be found anywhere from the Pacific Islands to the Aztec Empire of Mexico.

Who is the world champion juggler?

David Cain is a world champion juggler who does a Christian juggling ministry full-time. He is a Guinness world record holder and currently has over 20 world records.

David Cain
Websites www.christianjuggler.com YouTube: JugglerForJesus YouTube: CainWorldRecords

Who is known as the juggler of Europe?

Enrico Rastelli is born. Rastelli (1896–1931) is considered to be one of the greatest jugglers who ever lived. He is recorded as juggling 10 balls (though never 9), 8 sticks (small clubs) and 8 plates.

How many balls can a person juggle?

Many advanced jugglers can juggle seven or more balls at once, but not seven or more rings or clubs.

Who is the youngest juggler?

Dylan Tweed (born in 2004) is an American juggler who at age 14 was the youngest person ever to qualify 10 balls,(video) as well as formerly the youngest to flash 12 balls(video) (Erik Toll later did it one day younger).

Dylan Tweed
Websites YouTube: Dylan Tweed Instagram: dylantweed77 Facebook: Dylan Tweed-Juggler

What is the largest number of beanbags someone has ever managed to juggle?

11 beanbags

Who juggled 14 balls?

Alex Barron

What are most of us juggling?

Balls, clubs, rings, diabolos, devil sticks, shaker cups, and cigar boxes are several types of objects that are commonly juggled. Other objects, such as scarves, knives, fruits and vegetables, flaming torches and chainsaws, have also been used.