What is Benjamin Levy Aguilar in?

Benjamin Levy Aguilar is a Guatemalan actor who portrays Dante Torres in Chicago P.D..

When was Benjamin Levy Aguilar born?

Aguilar was born June 19, 1993 in Guatemala. After a promising soccer career was cut short due to an injury, Aguilar decided to move to Hollywood at 18 to pursue acting. He’s currently 29 years old. His zodiac sign is a Gemini.

Is Benjamin Levy Aguilar Mexican?

Benjamin Levy Aguilar was born in Guatemala, Central America. During his childhood he excelled in soccer where he eventually would be recruited and move to Italy to play with the world renown AC Milan soccer youth team. His career came to a stop due to a fracture in his femur.

Who plays Franco in Chicago PD?

“Chicago P.D.” Doubt (TV Episode 2019) – Benjamin Levy Aguilar as Franco Chavaro – IMDb.

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Why does the guy on Chicago P.D. have a raspy voice?

He was in a coma for three and a half weeks, and when he came to, he was attached to several different life support devices. In a moment of confusion, Beghe tried to pull out the tube that was connected to his neck, and in doing so, he caused permanent damage to his vocal cords.

Do the actors on Chicago P.D. get along?

‘” Along with this evidence, the entire cast of “Chicago P.D.” appears to be close with one another off set, so it seems safe to assume that Squerciati and Soffer (or Kate and Jake, if you prefer) have established a real-life friendship as well.

Is Chicago P.D. true to life?

EXTREME COP:CHICAGO PD is the TRUE STORY of JERRY ARDOLINO, the wildest, most violent cop in the history of the Chicago Police Department and that would mean: in the history of the world.

Who is Erin Lindsay’s biological father?

Hank Voight
Erin Lindsay / Father

Henry “Hank” Voight is a fictional character in the television series Chicago P.D.. He appeared in a recurring capacity in Chicago Fire and as a main character in Chicago P.D., as the head of the Chicago Police Department’s Intelligence Unit, which operates out of the 21st District.


Who is Hank Voight’s best friend?

Hank was able to fulfill his goal of being a cop and did his job the best he could. He was partnered with Alvin Olinsky who would become his closest friend.

Are Voight and Casey friends?

Voight has had numerous confrontations with Casey over the years, with the former chastising Casey’s inability to see past the law and the latter’s disgust with Voight’s willingness to break the rules. Their rivalry grew to such an extent that it nearly resulted in violence.

Why did Casey leave Chicago Fire?

What we do know is Spencer told USA Today back in October 2021 about leaving Chicago Fire, “It was a difficult decision because I’ve loved the show from the startBut there’s other things I’d like to do in the future and there’s some family I need to take care of.”

What did Hank Voight do to Matt Casey?

Voight attempted to have Casey injured or killed, but was arrested by Detective Antonio Dawson in a sting. While in prison he offers Gabriela Dawson information on who shot Antonio, who was working undercover at the time.