What is Bru on the radios real name?

Josh Brubaker, otherwise known as “Bru” or “Bru On The Radio,” was raised in Michigan and now lives in LA. He’s currently a radio host for B96 Chicago, but he started his career back home before developing a steady social media following.

Are Bru and Anna still dating?

Bru and Anna quietly started dating that autumn before publicly announcing their romance in December 2021. These days, Bru is a regular co-star on Anna’s page and their love is definitely in the spotlight.

How did Bru on the radio get famous?

The big picture: Bru — as he’s known on social media and on air — started posting videos about his radio work on TikTok during the pandemic. Two years later, his account, @bruontheradio, has over 4 million followers.

Does Bru on the radio have a girlfriend?

His profile may have stated that Bru was single, but it seems that was purely a strategic move. As it turns out, he’s been in a relationship since 2021 with Anna Sitar, a content creator based in Los Angeles.

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How long have Anna and Bru been together?

Who is ‘The Circle’ star Josh “Bru” Brubaker dating? The 25-year-old Michigan native, who hosts radio shows on various stations across the country, is in a relationship with Anna Sitar. The now-couple first met in March of 2021. Bru and Anna began “soft launching” their romance online in the summer of 2021.

Did Bru and Alyssa from The Circle get together?

There’s One Big Reason Bru & Alyssa Aren’t Dating After The Circle. What happens in the Circle stays in the Circle. Bru, Yu Ling, and Alyssa may have had a running joke that they had a strong “throuple” alliance in The Circle, but it all fell apart on Episode 9.

Is Parker dating John?

Parker splits her time between Miami and Los Angeles, and her Instagram posts don’t reveal a trip up to Jersey or whether she’s dating anyone new. John doesn’t appear to have any post-The Circle Miami photos on his Instagram, and earlier TikTok videos confirm he’s pretty much single.

Is Calvin and Kai dating?

Are Kai and Calvin from The Circle season 3 dating in real life? Although Kai and Calvin seemed to engage in some flirtation during their time in The Circle, the pair are not dating in real life. In fact, the pair never even went on a date after the show wrapped production!

Does Bru save Carol or Alyssa?

The first elimination of this week came in episode 9 when Alyssa was sent home due to Bru choosing to save Carol (aka John) over her.

How old is Josh Bru Brubaker?

Bru from The Circle season 4 age

Josh Brubaker was born on May 11, 1996 meaning he’ll be turning 26 this year. Bru was only 25 when the season was filmed, though, thus why he introduces himself as being 25 in the series.

How old is BRU The Circle?

Bru is 25 years old, which is close to the average age of the other first seven contestants on The Circle.

Who does Bru work for?

Bru was a radio deejay before he entered The Circle experiment. He’s on the Philadelphia radio station 96.5 TDY. His career on the radio started in a small town in Michigan, where he’s from. But along the way, Bru has risen through the ranks and he has millions of social media followers across Instagram and TikTok.