What is Chara’s salary?

795,000 USD (2021)
Zdeno Chára / Salary

Who is the wealthiest NHL player?

Top 10 Richest Hockey Players in the World 2022
Name Nationality Net worth (2022)
Wayne Gretzky Canada $250 million
Mario Lemieux Canada $200 million
Alexander Ovechkin Russia $80 million
Pavel Bure Russia $70 million

How much is Zdeno Chara contract worth?


Does Chara have a wife?

Tatiana Biskupičová
Zdeno Chára / Wife (m. 2007)

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Who is Chara shipped with?

Charisk is the non-binary ship between Frisk and Chara from the Undertale fandom.

Can Chara speak?

Chara Probably Speaks More Languages Than You Do

Fluent in Slovak, Czech, Polish, Russian, German, Swedish and of course English, Chara has made it a point throughout his life to learn as much as he possibly could.

What is Chara’s weakness?

Weaknesses. They can only possess someone with they have determination in their soul. Are emotionally unstable as evidenced by all the potentially dangerous things being filled down to a dull point in their old home. Arachnophobia: Chara´s fear of spiders.

Is Chara a non binary?

Chara is not a girl or boy. It is also NOT unproven. Frisk and Chara are as canonically nonbinary as it can get. Both use them/their pronouns.

What is Chara’s gender?

What is Undertale’s Chara gender? Much like Frisk, Chara’s gender is left ambiguous throughout all of Undertale. Many fans believe Fox chose not to gender Frisk or Chara so that players of any orientation could connect with the human characters in their RPG, but that’s never been officially confirmed.

Does Chara have a family?

Chara made sure to give special attention to his wife, Tatiana, for running the family with three children while he was busy with his day job. “I would like to thank my family: My wife Tatiana, my daughter Elliz, my sons, Ben and Zack, for their unconditional love and support,” Chara said.

Is Chara and Frisk siblings?

Chara Dreemurr used to live a slightly normal life at Cave Junction, Oregon, alongside her little twin sister Frisk.

What is Chara’s full name?

Chara (singer)
Born Miwa Watabiki January 13, 1968 Kawaguchi, Japan
Occupations Singer actress television presenter record producer
Years active 1990–present
Spouse Tadanobu Asano (1995–2009)