What is Colby height?

5 ft 11 in

Is Colby Brock his real name?

Cole Robert “Colby” Brock is a famous American YouTuber with over 2.39 million subscribers on his Channel. He is a bright and funny person with so much love to share with the world. Brock was born in Kansas on January 2, 1997. He is the grandson of Robert and Pat Brock.

Does Colby Brock have a kid?

And you might be wondering, Colby’s only 20 years old. Yes, which means he had little 4 year old Allison at 16. Sure, he wasn’t very popular during high school but he managed to get a girl pregnant and to have his child. The mother is never mentioned and gave up all her rights to see Allison, Colby has full custody.

What is Colby Brock’s hair color?

Colby Brock height is 5 feet 11 inches (180 centimetres), and he weighs 72 kilograms (158 lbs). His hair is dark brown, and his eyes are blue.

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Are Colby and Sam Dating?

While Colby is single, Sam is dating a girl named Katrina — and their Instagram posts couldn’t be cuter! Whether they’re pulling all the stops with their Halloween costumes or taking a simple selfie, they’re an adorable couple. 5. Sam and Colby have alter egos.

How did Sam meet Colby?

Sam & Colby met as freshman band nerds during their high school summer band camp. After realizing that they both liked the same girl, but were also both too shy to talk to her, they agreed that they would help push each other to gain confidence.

Are Sam and Colby twins?

Are Sam and Colby brothers? No, they are not brothers but high school best friends.

Where does Colby Brock currently live?

Colby also has quite a large following on Instagram and Twitter, with about 2 million followers on his Instagram and over 1 million followers on his Twitter account. Colby resides in Los Angeles, California.

What is Colby Brock Snapchat?

Colby Brock (@colbybrock) on Snapchat.

Does Colby Brock have TikTok?

Colby Brock (@colbybrock) Official TikTok | Watch Colby Brock ‘s Newest TikTok Videos.

When did Sam and Colby start vine?

Sam and Colby created their channel on October 28, 2014 and uploaded their first video on November 13, 2014.

What is Sam Golbachs snap?

Sam Golbach (@samgolbach) on Snapchat.