What is Davante Adams salary?

Davante Adams signed a 5 year, $140,000,000 contract with the Las Vegas Raiders, including a $19,250,000 signing bonus, $65,670,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $28,000,000.

Is Davante Adams still married?

Devanne J Villareal was Davante Adam’s girlfriend, and now she is his wife. The couple also has two daughters, Daija Leigh Adams and Dezi Lynn Adams.

Who is Dante Adams wife?

Devanne Villarreal
Davante Adams / Wife (m. 2018)

How many kids does Davante Adams have?

In April of 2022, the NFL player and his wife welcomed their second child, Dezi Lynn Adams, bringing their roster to four.

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Why is Davante Adams so good?

He’s big, strong, fast, quick and uses his hands very well at the line of scrimmage. The Vegas coaches talk about how he has a plan for every snap. He is as good as any receiver in the NFL at studying and analyzing his opponents. Adams will break down the cornerback he is about to face.

Who can replace Davante Adams?

Packers Will Replace Davante Adams with More Passes to Aaron Jones, AJ Dillon – Sports Illustrated Green Bay Packers News, Analysis and More.

Who will replace Aaron Rodgers Packers?

The most obvious — and most likely — candidate to replace Aaron Rodgers would be Jordan Love. The Packers traded up to land Love in the draft almost two years ago and he will be entering his third season in 2022.

Is Allen Lazard a WR1?

Lazard has lived up to his offseason billing as Green Bay’s new WR1.

Who is the WR1 in Green Bay?

Christian Watson

Does Davante Adams have a child?

The wide receiver, 29, had some special cheerleaders on the sidelines — wife Devanne and their two daughters, Dezi Lynn, 5 months and Daija Leigh, 3.

Is Davante Adams the highest paid player?

He signed a five-year, $141.3 million contract ($28.3M per year) — the highest total value and AAV.

Are Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers friends?

Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers remain close friends beyond Packers.