What is Gina’s skin care line?

The name CaraGala embodies Co-Founder, Gina Kirschenheiter’s own journey in reclaiming skin confidence after moving from New York, “The Big Apple” (Gala Apples), to Orange County, California (Cara Cara Oranges) and the impact the contrasting environments and life’s everyday stress had on her skin.

Why does Gina from RHOC look different?

Gina went from having blotchy, red patches on her face to clear, glowy skin. This is the effect of almost two years using Caragala, the RHOC star’s new branded products. She claimed she saw a “dramatic difference” in three months.

Does Gina own CaraGala?

Gina credited her new skincare line, CaraGala, for her stunning results. In a December 21 Instagram post, she revealed the “BIG NEWS” of the launch of her new collection, explaining: “After years of struggling with my own skin, I have spent the last year and [a] half finding effective solutions that work!”

Who owns Cara skin care?


Leslie Christin founded CARA Cosmetics while working on film and television sets as a makeup artist and our motto is “We test on Actors and Not on Animals”.

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Does Shannon Beador have a skin care line?

After Gina Kirschenheiter updated the group on the launch of her skincare line, CaraGala, Shannon let it drop that she, too, has a beauty brand in the works: “I have my own skincare, and I don’t talk about it,” Shannon told Emily Simpson over drinks.

What is in urea cream?

The main ingredient in urea cream is, surprise, urea. Urea creams also contain various inactive ingredients depending on which urea product you’re using. These inactive ingredients may include substances like mineral oil, purified water, or propylene glycol.

Who is britni Ricard?

Britni M. Ricard, Founder and CEO of Cota Skin, prides herself on building her business acumen at a public library in New Orleans, Louisiana.

How much is Rodial beauty worth?

How This Founder Built a $90 Million Skincare Business With No Beauty-Industry Experience. To create Rodial, Maria Hatzistefanis threw herself into a crash course on beauty manufacturing.

Where is rodial manufactured?

The Rodial Group is located in London, England, United Kingdom .

Who invented face reality?

Face Reality Skincare founder Laura Cooksey looks forward to another 15 years of helping people achieve clear skin.

How long has face reality been around?

Ever since the brand launched 15 years ago, we have been committed to helping people control their acne while also amplifying the voice and role the professionally trained licensed esthetician plays in the client’s journey to achieving clear skin.”

Is Face Reality skincare medical grade?

The Face Reality® line of products allow patients to incorporate medical-grade topical products into their routines, bringing them beautiful, clear skin that lasts. Med and Spa is proud to bring comprehensive skin care to patients in the Burr Ridge area of Illinois.