What is Hoopz real name?

Nicole Deannae Alexander
Nicole Alexander / Full name

How old is Hoopz now?

39 years (July 12, 1983)
Nicole Alexander / Age

Where is Hoopz from?

Detroit, Michigan, United States
Nicole Alexander / Place of birth

What show was real and Hoopz on?

I Love Money Season 1

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What happened between Flavor Flav and hoops?

Flav first took the trend to the screen on his Flavor of Love dating reality show back in 2006. He chose Nicole Deannae Alexander, who he dubbed Hoopz, as his boo at the end of the show, but they broke up shortly afterward (some say they were never really dating at all).

Is Flavor of Love a real thing?

Flavor of Love is an American reality television dating game show starring Flavor Flav of the rap group Public Enemy. While not a direct spin-off, the show was a result of Brigitte Nielsen and Flavor Flav’s failed relationship on Strange Love, as well as The Surreal Life.

What platform is Flavor of Love on?

Watch Flavor of Love Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

Is New York in the second season of Flavor of Love?

Filming began in 2006 and consisted of an 11 episode season, with another episode for a reunion show.


Contestant Real Name Outcome
Deelishis Chandra Davis Winner
New York Tiffany Pollard Runner-up
Krazy Heather Crawford 3rd Place
Bootz Larissa Hodge 4th Place

Where was the flavor of love filmed?

The Miramonte Resort & Spa in Indian Wells. One Palm-Springs-area hotel that I have long wanted to vacation at – not because it is a filming location, but because it is just simply beautiful – is the Miramonte Resort & Spa in Indian Wells.

Do you get paid for competition shows?

Whether competing on TV for a cash prize or simply being filmed while living your day-to-day life, reality television stars almost always get a paycheck — and it may be bigger than you think.

Where is Hoopz now from Flavor of Love?

How old was New York when she was on Flavor of Love?