What is Jack Wagner salary?

Jack Wagner is an American actor and singer who has a net worth of $9.8 million. Jack Wagner has earned his net worth from his roles on the soap operas General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful, and Melrose Place.

Jack Wagner Net Worth.

Net Worth: $9.8 Million
Nationality: United States of America

Is Jack Wagner married now?

Kristina Wagner
Jack Wagner / Spouse (m. 1993–2006)

Kristina Wagner is an American actress. She is sometimes credited by the name Kristina Malandro. She is best known for her role as Felicia Jones on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. She also briefly had a small role on the ABC series Hotel in the late 1980s.


How long was Jack and Kristina Wagner married?

Though they welcomed their second son, Harrison, in 1995, Kristina and Jack’s 13-year marriage was plagued with problems. They got a divorce in 2006.

Who is Kristina Wagner married to now?

Kristina Wagner/Spouse

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Are Kristina Wagner and Jack Wagner still friends?

Kristina and Jack Wagner loved each other so much that they remained friends even after parting ways. Unfortunately, they faced every parent’s greatest fear. On June 6, 2022, Jack and Kristina Wagner received terrible news: their son, Harrison Wagner, was found dead in a parking lot in Los Angeles.

Why did Frisco and Felicia divorce?

After she was rescued, Felicia learned she was pregnant and they soon welcomed their first daughter, Maxie. However, Felicia decided that Frisco’s way of life was too dangerous for her and her child, so she and Frisco split up again, with Frisco leaving town to go fight crime across the globe.

Is Jack and Kristina Wagner still married?

Unfortunately, they parted ways in 2006. Kristina left “General Hospital” after their divorce. She and Jack reunited for the soap opera’s 50th anniversary in 2013, but it was “painful” for her because she was not ready to work with her ex-husband again.

Why did Jack and Kristina divorce?

Jack and Kristina Wagner Call It Quits

In February of 2001, Kristina filed a petition for divorce, citing “irreconcilable differences,” but the resulting papers were never signed and they entered 2004 reconciled – though it would be short-lived.

Does Kristina Wagner have children?

Kristina Wagner/Children

Are Frisco and Felicia married in real life?

The couple’s portrayers Jack Wagner and Kristina Wagner went on to marry as well in real-life in December 1993 but later divorced in June 2006. They share two sons and have worked together throughout the years on such series as Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart.

Is Kristina Wagner coming back to General Hospital?

Maxie’s mom is coming back to GH! Kristina Wagner will reprise her role as Felicia Jones Scorpio.

Is Christine Wagner leaving General Hospital?

General Hospital’s Kristina Wagner Says a ‘Bittersweet Farewell’ to a Place That’s Near and Dear to Her Heart. It was time for Kristina Wagner to say goodbye on May 20.