What is jelly rolls net worth?

Jelly Roll is an American rapper who has an estimated net worth of $4 million.

When did jelly rolls start?

Born Jason DeFord, Jelly Roll began rapping around 2005, and started to break through the underground thanks to collaborations with Lil Wyte and Haystak.

Where did jelly rolls originate?

Nashville, Tennessee, United States
Jelly Roll / Place of birth

Is Jelly Roll still alive?

Jelly Roll Morton Died. Are you a jazz fan? You might be if you heard a recording by Jelly Roll Morton. He died on July 10, 1941, but his music still makes you want to get up and dance.

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What is Jelly Rolls legal name?

Jason DeFord
Jelly Roll / Full name

Who is jelly rolls daddy?

Today my best friend of 34 years took his last breath. My father, Buddy DeFord taught me how to wake up , get dressed and go to work.

Are Bunnie and Jelly Roll still together?

Jelly Roll and his wife Bunnie XO are celebrating their sixth wedding anniversary! On Wednesday (Aug.

What does jelly rolls wife do for a living?

She’s the owner of Dumb Blonde Productions, podcast host, model, and a YouTube sensation.

How did Jelly Roll and Bunnie meet?

She hails from Chatom, Ala., and he from Miami, Okla. They met at a singing competition after they separately moved to Nashville, but they didn’t instantly become a duo. Instead, it was love first, singing second. Read more about their love story here.

Who is Jellyrolls brother?

With his brothers Black Thoven and Jovy Lynn, Jelly Roll is one of the main figures in Heatchamberz Productions, a production house based out of L.A. that keeps the beats fresh and the records hot.

Who is Bailee Ann mom?

My wife and I have had custody full time of Bailee for 4 years . Her mother Felicia has been battling a deep rooting drug addiction in and out of jail – 16 months ago Felicia (bailee’s mother) got sober in jail. She has a CRAZY story— in the picture above is Felicia coming back into Bailee’s life.

What was jelly rolls first hit?

Jelly Roll’s “Dead Man Walking” is officially secures the No. 1 spot on Mediabase’s Active Rock Radio chart! The independent artist from Nashville, Tennessee, scored his first-ever No. 1 with his debut single to rock radio.