What is John Kruk doing now?

Kruk spent many years as an MLB analyst with ESPN. He appeared in the booth and as part of the network’s Baseball Tonight programming. But now Kruk has returned to his baseball roots. According to Sports Illustrated, Kruk is a color commentator for Phillies’ games.

Who owns Kruks Philly Steaks?


When Phillies legend John Kruk moved to Naples in 2010, he was craving a taste of the City of Brotherly Love. Across the U.S., from stadium to stadium, no one could make a Philly-authentic, Kruk-approved, cheesesteak. Finally in 2015, Kruk decided he should stop looking and start his own shop.

Does John Kruk have a home in PA?

These days, I live in …

Naples, Florida. We sold our house in Mount Laurel eight years ago. I had never had a summer because of baseball and work, so we had to figure out a way to make winter into summer.

Where is John Kruk from in WV?

Kruk was raised in Keyser, West Virginia. He is of Polish descent. He played baseball at Keyser High School, at Potomac State College, and at Allegany Community College, where Kruk played for Junior College Hall of Fame Coach Steve Bazarnic.

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Is Odubel Herrera still a Philly?

On May 27, 2019, Herrera was arrested for a domestic violence incident in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Charges were ultimately dropped, but MLB suspended him for the remainder of the season.

Odúbel Herrera
Runs batted in 302
Philadelphia Phillies (2015–2019, 2021–2022)
Career highlights and awards

Where was John Kruk born?

Charleston, West Virginia, United States
John Kruk / Place of birth

Where did John Kruk go to college?

John Kruk/College

Who is John Kruk married to?

Melissa McLoughlin
John Kruk / Spouse (m. 2000)

How much does Odubel Herrera make a year?

2017-2023 Free Agent
Contract: 5 yr(s) / $30,500,000
Signing Bonus $1,750,000
Average Salary $6,100,000
Free Agent: 2024 / UFA

How long was Odubel Herrera suspended?

The 85-game ban is the second-longest handed down since MLB and the Players Association agreed to the policy before the 2016 season.

Who threw the first no hitter in Phillies history?

The 8,945-game-long streak began on May 3, 1906, one game after Phillies’ southpaw Johnny Lush threw a 6-0 no-hitter against the Brooklyn Superbas. It ended on June 21, 1964, when Jim Bunning threw a 6-0 perfect game against the New York Mets during a Father’s Day doubleheader at Shea Stadium.

Who will be the Phillies announcers in 2022?

Chad Durbin