What is Julie Andrews age?

87 years (October 1, 1935)
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Who is Julie London married to?

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Was Julie London a smoker?

She was a very heavy smoker, since the age of 15, in 1942, and continued, until 1995, when she suffered a debilitating stroke. London was forced to give up band singing professionally when her true age was discovered.

Where is Julie Andrews from?

Walton-on-Thames, United Kingdom
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Walton-on-Thames, locally known as Walton, is a market town on the south bank of the Thames in the Elmbridge borough of Surrey, England. Walton forms part of the Greater London built-up area, within the KT postcode and is served by a wide range of transport links.


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How rich is Julie Andrews?

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According to Celebrity Net Worth, Julie’s net worth is estimated at around $30 million.

Why did Julie Andrews adopt?

Julie adopted her daughters, Amy Leigh and Joanna Lynne, at two months and five months old, from an orphanage in Vietnam just as US troops were being airlifted out after a long, miserable war. “We wanted a child and it hadn’t happened,” she says.

Where does Julie Andrews live?

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How did Julie Andrews grow up?

She was brought up in humble surroundings. At a young age, her parents were divorced and she was brought up by her father, her mother (Barbara) and stepfather, Ted Andrews. One of her earliest memories is living through the blitz, sheltering in air raid shelters.

Is Tony Walton still alive?

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Who is Julie Andrews husband?

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How many marriages has Julie Andrews had?

Julie Andrews has five children and has been married twice. She shares one biological daughter with her first husband Tony Walton, and has two step-children and two adoptive children from her marriage to Blake Edwards.

Was Julie Andrews married to Blake Edwards when he died?

Edwards’s second marriage, from 1969 until his death in 2010, was to Julie Andrews. They were married for 41 years. He was the stepfather to Emma, from Andrews’s previous marriage. In the 1970s, Edwards and Andrews adopted two Vietnamese daughters; Amy Leigh (later known as Amelia) in 1974 and Joanna Lynne in 1975.