What is Katie Price Net Worth 2022?

Katie Price Net Worth, Biography, Age, Husband, Height, Weight, and many more details can be checked on this page. Katie Price is a Media personality who has a Net Worth of $3 Million USD. Currently, people know her, as one of several TV celebrities.

What is the most Katie Price has been worth?

Once believed to have been worth £45million at the height of her career as a glamour model and reality star, Katie’s net worth is now estimated at £770,000.

What does Katie Price do for a living now?

Katie Price has been a well-known public figure for over 20 years. Beginning her career as a model, Katie was also previously known as Jordan and is now recognised as a social media personality, model and businesswoman.

How much does Katie Price earn?

At a bankruptcy hearing in July 2020, Katie confirmed to the court she was living in rented accommodation costing £4,200 a month. The court heard she had average earnings of £45,000 a month for the last six months.

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What businesses does Katie Price own?

Currently, Katie runs her own make-up business, By Katie Price, and toiletries brand Scented By Katie Price, while also selling her shoes, accessories and clothes on Depop.

How old was Katie Price when she gave birth to Harvey?

KATIE Price has revealed she didn’t want to give birth to her son lying on her back – because she was worried doctors would see her privates. The 43-year-old, famous around the world for her glamour modelling career when she was known as Jordan, instead delivered Harvey on all-fours.

How much does Katie Price owe her creditors?

Katie Price pays back just £3k of £3.2m debt despite landing five-figure deal for TV show. KATIE Price paid off just £3,143.82 of business debt in a single year and is now nursing a staggering £3.265million worth of repayments.

How much did Katie Price owe?

And last year she was hit with a repossession order on her West Sussex mansion after failing to pay a £500,000 debt.

How did Carl Woods make his money?

Carl Woods is a car salesman who made a brief appearance on ITV’s Love Island, back in 2016. Since then, he has largely made his money through working at his family’s car dealership. He has made brief appearances on other TV shows, including ITV2 murder mystery reality series Killer Camp in 2018, which he won.

Who is Katie Price real dad?

Ray Infield
Katie Price / Father

Do Katie Price’s children live with her?

Katie shares nine year old son Jett and eight year old daughter Bunny with ex-husband Kieran Hayler, 35. However, in the documentary, Katie tells viewers the children haven’t lived with her for seven months after she breached her restraining order against Kieran’s fiancée Michelle Penticost.

What disability does Harvey have?

He has made appearances on chat shows Loose Women and Jeremy Vine, and was a focus of the 2021 TV documentary, Katie Price: Harvey and Me. Harvey has been diagnosed with Septo-optic Dysplasia, as well as autism and Prader-Willi syndrome, which means that he requires constant care.