What is Kevin Gates mixed with?

Gates is of Moroccan and Puerto Rican descent.

Is Kevin Gates a billionaire?

Kevin Gates Net Worth: Kevin Gates is an American rapper and singer who has a net worth of $1 million.

Kevin Gates Net Worth.

Net Worth: $1 Million
Date of Birth: Feb 5, 1986 (36 years old)

How old is the rapper Kevin Gates?

36 years (February 5, 1986)
Kevin Gates / Age

Is Dreka and Kevin still together?

Kevin and Dreka were rumored to have broken up in May 2020, July 2021, and October 2021. Arguably, these rumors have desensitized the fandom somewhat. Until Kevin and Dreka announce themselves that their relationship is actually over, many aren’t believing the rumors.

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Is Dreka and Kevin Cousins?

Gates responded: “She pulled me to the side and said, ‘Baby, that’s your cousin,’ I ain’t about to stop!” This is not the first time the 2 Phones rapper has admitted to getting intimate with his cousin. He elaborated on his fling with his cousin in a 2015 Instagram post.

Did Kevin Gates marry his cousin?

PHOTOS: Kevin Gates married his Cousin, Baby Mama and long time girlfriend Dreka Gilyard.

What is Dreka real name?

Shadreka Centuri Haynes
Dreka Gates / Full name

What did Kevin Gates say about his cousin?

Gates, then a teenager, said he and his cousin had been intimate when they learned they were related. “I didn’t know that she was my cousin,” he said. “But once I found out, then I ain’t about to stop. She wasn’t no close cousin.

How old is Dreka Gates?

36 years (August 31, 1986)
Dreka Gates / Age

Is Dreka Gates married?

Kevin Gates
Dreka Gates / Spouse (m. 2015)

Does Dreka Gates have a degree?

Louisiana State University
Dreka Gates / Education (2006)

Louisiana State University is a public land-grant research university in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The university was founded in 1860 near Pineville, Louisiana, under the name Louisiana State Seminary of Learning & Military Academy.


What is Dreka middle name?

Shadreka Centuri Haynes
Dreka Gates / Full name