What is Lee Jung real name?

Lee Jung-hee (이정희, born October 24, 1981), better known by his stage name Lee Jung or J. Lee, is a South Korean singer and actor.

Who is the leader of YGX?

The leader of the YGX crew, Deukie, is thrilling fans with the crew’s performance on the show.

How old is honey j?

35 years (August 26, 1987)
Honey J / Age

How old is Aiki?

33 years (September 7, 1989)
Aiki / Age

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How tall is Leejung Lee?

1.6 m
LEEJUNG / Height

Does Aiki have a husband?

“Street Woman Fighter” Aiki Has Been Married For Nine Years — Here’s How She Met Her Husband.

How did Aiki get famous?

She often collaborates with other dancers, K-Pop idols, and internet personalities for her videos. Aiki and Wet Boy connected through social media, leading to collabs and even him appearing on Street Woman Fighter!

Is Aiki a mother?

The HOOK crew leader’s cool personality also shines when she’s at home with her husband and daughter, though in different ways! During her appearance on the show The Manager, viewers got a peek into Aiki’s home life, including what her relationship with her nine-year-old daughter Yeon Woo is like.

What group is Aiki?

Aiki, leader of the dance crew HOOK in the show doing an interview in 2021.

Who is Ibuki dancer?


A native of OSAKA, Ibuki started dancing when she was 7 years old. Ibuki is trained in many different style of street dance. From popping, to hip-hop to locking but ultimately, she fell in love with waacking and the rest is history.

Is Ibuki a boy?

His latest robot, Ibuki, is one for the nightmare catalog: It’s a robotic 10-year-old boy that can move on little tank treads and has a soft rubbery face and hands. The robot has complete vision routes that can scan for faces and it has a sort of half-track system for moving around.

Is Ibuki a guy?

Ibuki (いぶき, Ibuki?) is a video game character from the Street Fighter series, first appearing in Street Fighter III: New Generation. She is a young ninja-in-training from an ancient clan who would rather live a normal life of a modern female Japanese teenager.