What is Mitchel Musso doing now?

Mitchel Musso (Oliver Oken)

Musso is still landing work through his other Disney Channel franchise, Phineas and Ferb.

Why is Mitchel Musso no longer on Pair of Kings?

Musso was arrested on October 17, 2011 for a DUI. This led to his Pair of Kings character Brady Parker being written out of the series and replaced by a character played by Adam Hicks. Pair of Kings only lasted one more season after Musso’s departure.

What nationality is Mitchel Musso?

Mitchel Musso / Nationality

How old was Mitchel Musso in Hannah Montana?

31 years (July 9, 1991)
Mitchel Musso / Age

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Is Miley Cyrus still friends with Mitchel Musso?

It seems like Musso and Cyrus are still friends despite the lack of public in-person meet-ups over the years. But naturally, as many childhood friends become adults, it can be difficult to see each other in person.

Did Oliver from Hannah Montana have diabetes?

In a Season 3 episode of “Hannah Montana,” Oliver is diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. The original episode, titled “No Sugar, Sugar,” involves Miley and best friend Lilly Truscott (Emily Osment) doing whatever they can to stop Oliver from eating sugar.

Why was Oliver written out of Hannah Montana?

Mitchel Musso (Oliver Oken)

In 2011, at age 20, he was arrested for a DUI, after which his character was written off the former show and the latter was canceled.

Did they use a real horse in Hannah Montana?

Blue Jeans is the name of Miley Stewart’s horse. He was first seen in Hannah Montana: The Movie living in Tennessee.

Blue Jeans
Last seen: Love That Lets Go

Who was Miley Stewart’s best friend?

First seen: Lilly, Do You Want to Know a Secret? Lillian “Lilly” Truscott (born March 10, 1993) is Miley Stewart’s best friend/adoptive sister, Oliver Oken’s girlfriend, a main deuteragonist, and is the first person Miley tells about her double-life as Hannah Montana.

How old was Oliver in Hannah Montana?

Oliver Oken
Birthday: July 3 1992 (age 18) Season 1 13-14 Season 2 14-15 Season 3 15-16-17 Season 4 17-18
Height: 5’7
Occupation(s): Band Member (On Tour)
Aliases: Mike Standley III, The Ollie Trolly, Smokin’ Oken

How old was Hannah Montana supposed to be in the show?

Miley Stewart is a fourteen-year-old middle school student who appears to live a normal life but has a secret identity, pop singer Hannah Montana, an alias she chose so she could have a private life away from the public spotlight.

How old was Rico during Hannah Montana?

Rico Suave
General Information
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 30, 1994 (age 27) Season 1: 11-12 Season 2: 12-13 Season 3: 13-14-15 Season 4: 15-16
Family & Friends