What is Natalie nunns net worth?

Natalie Nunn Net Worth: Natalie Nunn is an American reality television personality who has a net worth of $325 thousand.

Natalie Nunn Net Worth.

Net Worth: $325 Thousand
Date of Birth: Dec 26, 1984 (37 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 6 in (1.68 m)
Profession: TV Personality, Model

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What is Sarah Oliver’s Instagram?

Sarah Oliver (@sarahsooliver) • Instagram photos and videos.

Where is Tiffany from BGC?

Biography. Tiffany Torrence-Davis is from the South Side of Chicago, Illinois. Tiffany is a self-proclaimed hustler.

Where is seven from BGC now?

Seven Craft (also known as The Seventh Wonder of the Hood) is an original bad girl on Season 17. Seven is currently 21 years old and she resides in Fort Washington, Maryland.

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How old is Megan from BGC?

Mehgan James (also known as The Texas Temptation) is an original bad girl on Season 9. Mehgan is currently 26 and she resides in Houston, Texas.

How old is Natalie from BGC?

37 years (December 26, 1984)
Natalie Nunn / Age

How old is Judi from BGC?

Name Age Nickname
Judi Jai 21 The Voodoo Vixen
Nastasia “Stasi” Townsend 23 The Powerhouse
Priscilla Mennella 25 The Staten Island Spitfire
Shelly Hickman 23 The Lady Killer

How old is Christina from BGC?

How old is Christina from BGC9? Christina Salgado’s age is 32 years as of 2022. What is Christina Salgado’s zodiac? Her zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Why was Christina removed from BGC?

Christina was removed from the show in episode 7 after starting a physical altercation with Rima.

Where is Ashley Dye now?

Ashley is currently 27 years old and resides in Bartlett, Illinois.

How old is Fallon from BGC?

Falen is currently 28 years old and she resides in Springfield, Virginia.

Who was the oldest BGC?

Kerry Harvick, from season 1 (2006), holds the title as the “oldest bad girl” that has entered the show with being, at the time of filming, age 31.