What is Park Solomon in?

Park Solomon is known for All of Us Are Dead (2022), Lookout (2017) and Horror Stories III (2016).

When was Park Solomon born?

November 11, 1999 (age 22 years)
Lomon / Date of birth

What is Park Solomon real name?

Park Solomon
Lomon / Full name

What is Park Solomon height?

1.83 m
Lomon / Height

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How old is Park Ji Hoo now?

18 years (November 7, 2003)
Park Ji-hoo / Age

Are Park Ji Hoo and Park Solomon related?

park solomon and park jihoo are siblings.

How old is Yihyun?

22 years (December 8, 1999)
Cho Yi-hyun / Age

How tall is Yoo Soo?

1.84 m
Yoo In-soo / Height

How tall is Yoo insoo?

1.84 m
Yoo In-soo / Height

How tall is Lee Yoo Mi?

1.62 m
Lee Yoo-Mi / Height

How tall is Nam Joo Hyuk?

1.87 m
Nam Joo-hyuk / Height

Who is the GF of Nam Joo Hyuk?

Is Nam Joo-Hyuk Dating Someone Right Now? As of now, Nam is not in a relationship as far as the general public knows.