What is Paul from Decked Out doing now?

Lafrance owns local Pickering, Ontario building company Cutting Edge Construction and Design. Lafrance is also the owner/operator and CEO of Paul Lafrance Design, which specializes in high-end custom deck designs servicing North America.

Who is Paul married to on Decked Out?

Paul, his wife, Janna, and their four daughters live just outside of Toronto, Canada.

How old is Paul on Decked Out?

48 years (January 17, 1974)
Paul Lafrance / Age

How many children does Paul Lafrance have?

He’s the deck and renovation master behind the popular shows Decked Out, Disaster Decks and Custom Built, but did you know Paul Lafrance is a father of four and sings in a band?

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What is the average cost of Decked Out?

Decking Costs per Square Foot
Type of Decking Cost Range per sq. ft. Average Cost per sq. ft.
Ipe $10 – $20 $15
Fiberglass and Composite $12 – $22 $17
Redwood $5 – $35 $17.50
Aluminum $15 – $20 $17.50

Why did American LaFrance go out of business?

After opening a new facility in Summerville, S.C., in 2007, American LaFrance filed for bankruptcy in January 2008 citing $100 million in debt.

What is Kate from Decked Out doing now?

Kate is now one of the hosts on HGTV’s “Custom Built” which combines Kate’s skills from her early renovating days and her creative, fun attitude from building on Decked Out. After over ten years on HGTV Kate’s career has now come full circle.

Is Ward LaFrance still in business?

Ward LaFrance built tank wreckers for the US military, vans for United Parcel Service, over the road tractors, cement trucks, dump trucks, chassis for buses and trolleys, and armored cars.

Ward LaFrance Truck Corporation.

Industry motor vehicle
Defunct 1979
Headquarters United States
Products Fire apparatus and truck manufacturer

Does American LaFrance still exist?

On 17 January 2014, the company announced the cessation of operations. Ward LaFrance went bankrupt in July 1979, and was later reopened by a different party, under the name of Ward ’79. There is no association.

American LaFrance.

Industry Fire apparatus manufacturer, commercial vehicles
Website www.americanlafrance.com

Where is Heidi from Decked Out?

Heidi Richter is owner of HR Design Inc., a Toronto-based design/project management company. She is the stylist on HGTV Canada’s Disaster Decks and stylist/project manager on Custom Built.

What does Kate Campbell do for a living?

Kate Campbell is a southern singer-songwriter who writes and sings memorable folk songs infused with undercurrents of delta blues, folk, pop, and country that originate from a musical landscape spanning the less-travelled back roads from Nashville to Muscle Shoals to Memphis.

Is Heidi on Decked Out married?

Heidi is in St Barths with her husband Tom Kaulitz.