What is Pruppet of the month?

There is an extra segment once a month called “Pruppet of the Month” where Prawat tells stories about dogs who have been adopted. This segment is unrelated to the typical Crime Junkie content and inspired by fans who posted pictures of their dogs online.

What kind of dog is Chuck from Crime Junkie?

This is the one and only: Chuck. Chuck has been with me since my freshman year in college and he’s the OG pruppet. No really, I started using that word when I got him as a puppy in 2011.

Does Ashley Flowers have a baby?

The first, her daughter Josie, was born Jan. 28.

What is Ashley Flowers New podcast?

Solving the toughest criminal investigations sometimes requires a game of risk. Each week, host Ashley Flowers tells you the story of a person whose murder or mysterious disappearance has gone unsolved for years in audiochuck’s new weekly true-crime podcast called, The Deck. These cases are the coldest of cases.

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Where is Delia dambra from?

D’Ambra is originally from coastal North Carolina and grew up in the Outer Banks. D’Ambra was homeschooled from kindergarten through freshman year of high school and is the youngest of three sisters.

Where is Ashley Flowers from?

Ashley was born and raised in Indiana, where she continues to live with her husband, her daughter, and their beloved dog, Charlie.

Why did crime junkies stop?

Four days after Ms. Frye’s note, “Crime Junkie” posted a statement to its Facebook page announcing that it had taken down “several” episodes because “their source material could no longer be found or properly cited.” It did not say how many.

How are Elena and ash related?

Alaina and Ash are an aunt and niece duo, but their website says that the two “were essentially raised as sisters.” When they’re not hosting Morbid, Alaina is an autopsy technician and Ash is a hairstylist.

Where can I listen to precedent podcast?

NEW SHOW Precedent from Crime Junkie Podcast – Listen on JioSaavn.

How many listeners does Crime Junkie have?

Don’t worry; we’re crime junkies, too. We do all those crazy things mentioned above and MORE! Crime Junkie debuted in December 2017 and has remained at the top of the charts since with over 500 million downloads, 630 stories, and $643,000 donated to charity.

What’s wrong with Brit from crime junkies?

Due to a medical condition, Ashley’s friend and cohost would no longer be a part of Crime Junkie. But what happened to Brit? We went on a search to find out. Ashley announced in May of 2022 that Brit had experienced a sudden ‘brain bleed’ that had resulted in a ‘brain clot’ that required several surgeries.

What are the top 10 most listened to podcasts?

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