What is Snoop Dogg’s biggest hit song?

1: “Gin and Juice

“Gin and Juice” is the quintessential Snoop Dogg song. As the second single from Doggystyle, it’s his official calling card.

How many number 1 hits does Snoop Dogg have?

Snoop has had a dozen top 10 hits in his career, three of which went to No. 1. The first came in 1993 with his smash debut single “What’s My Name,” while his first No. 1 came in 2004 with the Pharrell-assisted “Drop It Like It’s Hot.”

How much does Snoop Dogg get per song?

Snoop Dogg has revealed if you want to get him on one of your songs, it’ll set you back at least $250,000. Appearing on the Full Send podcast earlier this year, the rapper spoke about how that price would get you “around 16 bars” of him rapping.

Has Eminem ever made a Snoop Dogg song?

Emily Zemler. Eminem and Snoop Dogg have joined forces for a bicoastal new song, “From the D 2 the LBC.” The fast-talking single arrived with a music video directed by James Larese, which switches between live footage of the rappers and an animated world where they transform into Bored Ape-looking avatars.

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Who was the first rapper to record?

Rap music is usually traced back to such late 70s offerings as the Fatback Band’s “King Tim III” and Sugarhill’s “Rapper’s Delight”, which were the first rap/hip-hop records. However, The Last Poets’ eponymous debut album (1970) which was a rap record in all but name, has a as good a claim as any to being the first.

Who is Eminem married to?


Did Eminem date Nicki Minaj?

No, Nicki Minaj and Eminem Aren’t Dating! But He’s Open To It. There were rumors that there would be a new love and hip-hop couple when Nicki Minaj confirmed to a fan that she and Eminem were dating, but over the weekend the two confirmed that the whole ordeal was a joke.

Who is the owner of Eminem?

Shady Records
Parent company Universal Music Group
Founded 1999
Founder Eminem Paul Rosenberg
Distributor(s) Interscope Geffen A&M (US) Polydor (UK) Universal Music Group (International)

Does Eminem have 3 daughters?

Eminem may be known for his tough exterior, but he’s a big softie when it comes to his kids. The rapper shares three children with his ex-wife, Kim Scott: Hailie Jade Scott, Alaina Scott and Stevie Laine Scott.

What song does Eminem call out Snoop Dogg?

On December 18, Em dropped the deluxe edition of his latest album, Music to Be Murdered By. On the track “Zeus,” Em rapped about the snub. “As far as squashing beef, I’m used to people knocking me,” he said.

Do Snoop Dogg and Eminem like each other?

Is Eminem owned by Dr Dre?

Aftermath Entertainment is an American record label founded by hip hop producer and rapper Dr. Dre. It operates as a subsidiary of, and is distributed through, Interscope Records.

Current acts.

Act Year signed Releases under the label
Dr. Dre Founder 2
Eminem 1998 12
Kendrick Lamar 2012 5
Anderson .Paak 2016 2

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