What is Sofie Dossi real name?

Sofie Clarice Dossi (born: June 21, 2001 (2001-06-21) [age 21]), is an American YouTuber, Actress, Gymnast and Contortionist. She was a golden buzzer recipient on America’s Got Talent’s 11th season in 2016, made many appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and was nominated for a Streamy Award in 2017 and 2020.

Does Sofie Dossi have a brother?

Zak Dossi
Sofie Dossi / Brother

Where was Sofie Dossi born?

Cypress, California, United States
Sofie Dossi / Place of birth

Cypress is a city in northwestern Orange County within Southern California. Its population was 50,151 at the 2020 census.


What is Sofie Dossi height?

1.55 m
Sofie Dossi / Height

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What is Sofie Dossi’s email?

Contact Sofie’s Management: [email protected].

How many siblings does Sofie Dossi have?

Zak Dossi
Sofie Dossi / Siblings

How old is Anna McNulty now?

Anna McNulty’s age is 19 years as of 2022.

Is Sofie Dossi a gymnast?

Sofie Dossi’s unique abilities have brought her around the world to perform. Sofie Dossi trained in gymnastics and dance as a kid, but soon realized she had a different calling.

What is the height of Ben Azelart?

1.8 m
Ben Azelart / Height

What is Sofie Dossi favorite color?

Sofie Dossi on Instagram: “I love blue 💙 What’s your favorite color? @shopsofiedossi”

Is Sofie Dossi a celeb?

Sofie Dossi is a globally renown YouTuber, stunning live performing artist, and actress. Sofie gained fame as a finalist and Golden Buzzer recipient on NBC’s America’s Got Talent.

Is Sofie Dossi in KC undercover?

K.C. Undercover (TV Series 2015–2018) – Sofie Dossi as Contortionist – IMDb.