What is Supa hot fire real name?

Deshawn Raw is known for Supahotfire vs Blueface (2022), The Rap Battle: Part 3 – Parody (2011) and Supa Hot Fire vs White Rapper (2017).

What happened to super hot fire?

Does Supa Hot Fire have Instagram?

Supa Hot Fire (@thesupahotfire) • Instagram photos and videos.

Who was the first rapper to beat Supa Hot Fire?

Soulja the first rapper to beat supa hot fire #fyp #foryou #rap #souljaboy.

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Why is Supa Hot Fire famous?

The most famous includes a short scene in which Supa Hot Fire is battling among a crowd, saying to his opponent: “I broke up with my ex-girl. Here’s her number.” He then hands his rival a piece of paper, before saying: “SIKE! THAT’S THE WRONG NUMBER!”

What’s DeShawn Raw Instagram?

DeShawn Raw (@thecareerofsupahotfire) • Instagram photos and videos.

What is fire Instagram?

Here, the fire emoji indicates when someone has a “Snapstreak” with another user, which means that they have “snapped” (sent pictures or videos) back and forth for at least three consecutive days, as if their friendship is on fire.

Who is the mayor of Kenja?

Antonio All Day – mayor of kenja – Sunnyside Unified School District | LinkedIn.

Does D smoke have Instagram?

D Smoke (@dsmokeinglewood) • Instagram photos and videos.

Who is D Smoke’s wife?

“Though he was un profesor de español for ten years, it’s @Dsmoke7 ‘s turn to learn a little something — Haitian Creole, courtesy of his wife,@Angelinasherie. 📺 Love That For Us On Netflix’s” Youtube.

Where does D Smoke live?

Daniel Anthony Farris (born October 17, 1985), known professionally as D Smoke, is an American rapper and songwriter from Inglewood, California. He gained attention after winning the first season of the Netflix music competition show Rhythm + Flow in 2019.

What does D Smoke do now?

Beyond his music and acting pursuits—and the “Black, hood, and futuristic novel he says he’s finished—D Smoke is working on restoring a boxing gym he trained at in his youth. But for the most part, he’s trying to tap into whatever energy he can best channel.